Video Proves Nothing Is Removed From Tipton’s Body

 Video Proves Nothing Is Removed From Tipton’s Body

Although the chance of Zachariah receiving justice posthumously is small, the truth deserves to be heard in hopes that the next murder by the Iron Order will not go unpunished. This is the Part 2 of a Motorcycle Profiling Project series analyzing the glaring discrepancies between the State Attorney’s review and uncut video footage.  (Part 1 can be found here.)


The State Attorney’s review of Tipton’s killing first lies about the Black Pistons rendering aid. Indeed, the State Attorney contends that the Black Pistons fled after gunshots were fired and none of them rendered assistance to their fallen brother. We know this is not true, as incontrovertibly proven by uncut video footage. So what other deceit is hidden within the pages of this review?


State Attorney Implies Tipton Had a Weapon.


The State Attorney insinuates that Tipton was armed and Black Piston members removed the evidence before police arrived. The State Attorney’s review, page 4:


One member of the Black Pistons can be seen going over to Zachariah Tipton’s body and then later handing off a cut or vest with patches signifying membership in the Black Pistons club, with what looks like something rolled up inside. A member of the Black Pistons is handed the vest and leaves the scene on his motorcycle. It is unknown if something was rolled up in the vest.”


If it is unknown, why include it in the statement of facts? The prejudice is deeply concerning, particularly when the actual facts are quite different, and particularly when it contradicts the State Attorney’s claim that the Black Pistons fled and didn’t return to Tipton after he was shot.


Video Proves State Attorney Lied….Again


Surveillance video obtained from discovery indeed shows a Black Piston hand a vest to another member. But it is not rolled up and nothing is visibly removed from Tipton’s person.


Beach Marine Video 8 at (9:38): A Black Piston rendering assistance to Tipton can clearly be seen removing his vest and handing it to another member. The vest is open and hanging, not rolled up, and there is nothing concealed or hidden. The video also proves the Black Piston rendering assistance is never alone with Tipton. A nurse and a bartender were present the entire time and removing a weapon from Tipton undetected would not have been possible.



Why Would The State Attorney Imply Tipton Was Armed?


The State Attorney’s so-called “statement of facts” is intended to create an extreme prejudice, particularly when translated to the media and the general public. Although Tipton was unarmed, it cannot be proven otherwise, implying that there was a successful conspiracy executed by the Black Pistons to remove a firearm from Tipton creates negative sympathy or calls for justice.


On the other hand, if people based their perceptions on what could be proven, the world looks substantially different. If the world understood that Tipton was unarmed and shot in the head during a fistfight there may have been more public outcry. If the general public realized that national officers in the Iron Order have issued statements encouraging members to provoke conflicts with other clubs in order to “destroy them” because they won’t get prosecuted, maybe there would have been more outrage…


To be Continued…


Double D is the Spokesperson for the Washington State Council of Clubs, Founder of the Motorcycle Profiling Project, and works with motorcyclists at the national level.

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