Welcome to the MPP Store.  Proceeds from each sale help to fund our efforts to end discrimination and fight for all motorcyclists rights.  Keep checking back as new items will be added frequently.

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None of us get paid for what we do for the Motorcycle Community, and shit costs money! Help us out and contribute to The MPP, doesn’t have to be much, the more you give the more we can do for our community.

And Hey…Contributions are NOT Tax Deductible…but they ARE much appreciated.

Black Thursday.

This book is about the fight against motorcycle profiling and the struggle for the survival of motorcycle clubs in America.

Price: $12.50

What it’s all about.

The first major film to bring to life the heroic struggle of Washington State motorcycle clubs against discrimination.

Price: $15.00

New Merch Will be Added Very Soon.

Keep Checking Back.

Get the MPP Toolkit

Essential tools and strategy proven successful in the legislative push for laws addressing motorcycle profiling. Toolkit includes:

Black-Thursday-Cover• PDF copy of the book Black Thursday by David “Double D” Devereaux- A book relating to the motorcycle rights movement in Washington State and the struggle for the survival of motorcycle club culture.


Profiling Handbook_Cover• PDF copy of the book Motorcycle Profiling Handbook: A Guide To Constructing An Effective Pattern Of Evidence For Legislative Change, by David “Double D” Devereaux and Jeff “Twitch” Burns- A comprehensive guide to building a state specific justification for a law addressing motorcycle profiling.


best of cover store• PDF copy of Motorcycle Profiling Project 2015: A comprehensive collection of every story released by the
MPP in 2015. Members will receive this collection by the end of January 2016.


Lobbying 101 Cover

• PDF copy of Lobbying 101- A Guide Explaining How Manpower Changes Everything You Know About Motorcycle Rights.


How to Pass a Profiling Law Cover• PDF copy of the guide How To Pass A Law Addressing Motorcycle Profiling in Your State- A step-by-step overview explaining the process of passing a anti-profiling law including organization, preparation, and taking action.


Price: $25.00 

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