What is the Motorcycle Profiling Project?

What is the Motorcycle Profiling Project?

The Motorcycle Profiling Project (MPP) is dedicated to the grassroots effort to pass laws addressing profiling and discrimination. The MPP is not intended to replace other organizations. Rather, the project is intended to coordinate and unify the different elements and organizations at the state and federal level towards this common goal, including the Confederation and Council of Clubs, ABATE, the MRF, the AMA, and the many other motorcycle rights groups that exist around the country.

Who created the Motorcycle Profiling Project?

David “Double D” Devereaux, a motorcycle rights activist from Washington State, and a leading advocate for laws addressing the issue of motorcycle profiling in America. Also offering critical assistance to the project are Bill “Colt” Kaitz, Maryland, co-founder of the MPP, Robert “Bobby C” Colella, Florida, Pennsylvania, MPP contributing writer and national survey manager, and Dave “Irish” Dohrmann, MPP contributing writer, along with many others.


What services do the Motorcycle Profiling Project provide?  The Motorcycle Profiling Project is designed to help your state with every step involved in the process of passing a law addressing the issue of motorcycle profiling. Based on the experiences and best practices of highly effective motorcycle rights advocates nationwide, the Project will assist in organizing and preparing your state to take effective grassroots action. The project provides organizational recommendations, policy support materials, and legislative strategy.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Organizational strategy.
  • Coordinating COC’s and MRO’s in a unified effort.
  • Step-by-step Action Plan outlining the entire process, beginning to end.
  • Construct a state-specific Pattern of Evidence.
  • Drafting a Policy Report/Written Testimony. This is the state’s official statement on legislation addressing the issue of motorcycle profiling.
  • Drafting a Legislative Proposal and Legislative Packet
  • Drafting a Request for Sponsorship
  • Drafting CTA’s and correspondence to legislators.
  • Drafting testimony and providing testimony upon request, schedule permitting.
  • Media support and press releases.

What do the Motorcycle Profiling Project’s services cost?  The Motorcycle Profiling Project offers all of its services to the motorcycling community FREE of charge.  If an individual or organization sees value in the project then contributions are highly appreciated. The project relies on these contributions as the sole means of covering expenses and compensation for work performed. The more support the project receives, the more support the project can provide the motorcycling community.

As the movement to pass profiling laws accelerates, so has the time demands and workload. A project of this magnitude entails office expenses, travel, and time. So if you think the project is valuable, organize a benefit and make a contribution.

Contributions go directly to the The Motorcycle Profiling Project. Contributions are NOT Tax deductible. Online contributions can be made at motorcycleprofilingproject.com or The Motorcycle Profiling Project on Facebook.