Published on June 16th, 2015 | by David "Double D" Devereaux

The Waco Interview Authorities Don’t Want You to Hear

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5 Responses to The Waco Interview Authorities Don’t Want You to Hear

  1. Avatar ug says:

    Way to go Double D. Again you put it out there without the media BS. Come on back to MD so I can buy you a beer!

  2. spot on Double D … such a great speaker, keeps emotions in check, gives ONLY facts, and sets the record straight on what the meeting in Waco was about and for. Thanks Double D for speaking up!!

  3. Good job. Going to spread the word, now. Thanks!

  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    i wonder if this guy has seen my posts…

  5. Avatar annastinaa says:

    Well done — great link, thanks.

    The money quote from the 4th generation law enforcement caller who said he would always take the side of the police, as this time because “If you LOOK like a criminal you’re probably ACTING like a criminal and THAT’s why they took these people into custody until they can get this mess all sorted out.”

    Sure, it’ll pretty much ruin the lives of 150 people with zip criminal record suddenly seized and removed from society, placed in a “secure location” for a million dollar bail, so for weeks they can’t get to their jobs, can’t get their cell phones, can’t pay their bills, can’t meet obligations and THEN, in order to finally return, they’re looking at it costing them many thousands of dollars even if all they did was order a hamburger — but don’t worry — the courts will “get this mess all sorted out.” In three or four years.

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