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Charges Against Key Motorcycle Rights Activist Dismissed in Waco

As the McLennan County District Attorney’s Twin Peaks debacle continues to crumble, an important and previously prolific motorcycle rights activist has emerged from the dust. Thomas Paul Landers, along with most of those arrested in May 17, 2015, has had all charges against him related to the Twin Peaks tragedy recently dismissed. Paul, although very relieved, is still angry about the continued prosecution of innocent people also arrested and jailed that day that continue to face the prospect of life in prison for being ambushed at a political gathering.


Mass Arrests at a Political Gathering


On May 17th, 2015 I arrived home after a 350 mile ride following a club event in Oregon, to my son telling me to watch CNN because they were reporting a shooting at a biker event in Texas. I began watching the news coverage and immediately called my friend Paul Landers when I realized it was a COC meeting. Paul is a prominent motorcycle rights activist and always attended COC events in Texas, so I immediately began worrying about him.


Paul answered the phone from the parking lot of the Twin Peaks. I asked him if he was alright. He said he wasn’t injured but didn’t know what was going to happen. We hung up, and the rest of the story has been a 3 year nightmare for Paul and nearly 200 others arrested, jailed, and held on $1-$2 million dollar punitive bonds. Paul’s nightmare ended Monday, May 14th, 2018 when his charges were dismissed by the McLennan County District Attorney. In fact, most of the charges have been dropped against most individuals.


But, unfortunately, the nightmare is not over for 24 individuals re-indicted and charged with rioting, three of them also charged with murder. And because a murder occurred, the sentence can be enhanced to the same level of life in prison.


The Persecution Continues for Many


The McLennan County DA’s office refuses to let go, has shifted from organized crime to rioting, and persists in charging individuals that irrefutably “retired” from any conflict and still others acting in self defense of themselves or others.


Take the examples of Marshall Mitchell and Jacob Carrizal, both obviously not guilty for different reasons. Marshall Mitchell never engages in any conflict, can be seen shaking a Cossacks hand on video, and quickly “retired” from the area of the ambush and gunshots, just as most that were able. Jake Carrizal, on the other hand, was unable to retreat from an ambush in which he clearly acted in self defense, as the video, his mistrial, and reports of overwhelming support for not guilty from most jurors demonstrates.


The Good Fight Continues


The fight to free those that are not guilty must not end. In fact, now is the time to further unite the motorcycle club community and continue the fight to protect the right to associate with a motorcycle club without fear of targeted prosecution. And now that the shackles on one of the most important motorcycle rights activists of our time have been removed, we all stand a better chance of succeeding. #FightTheGoodFight.

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2 Responses to Charges Against Key Motorcycle Rights Activist Dismissed in Waco

  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Great piece!

  2. Avatar Mike Smith says:

    IMHO, and that is based on years of personal experience, the atrocity was fomented by Law Enforcement Organizations (LEO’s) and it spun out of control: resulting in the mass murder of nine men.

    In a conversation captured by her body cam, after the shooting, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague; “I really didn’t think it was going to end like this.
    I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out,”

    The most illuminating point in making my case; that the riot was fomented; is the “Duty to Warn.” And that duty is represented in the trial testimonies of law enforcement personnel at the trial of Jake Carrizal and the federal RICO action against John Portillo and Jeff Pike.

    Testimonies that the related federal and state LEO’s rushed to Odessa to warn the Cossacks that the Bandidos were massing up to confront them.

    When they had the same intel about Waco, they quietly surrounded the perimeter of a suburban box canyon to observe. The day before the LEO’s installed a clandestine surveillance camera at the epicenter of the riot.

    Texas’ Alcoholic Beverage Control Board made a public statement saying that while they had the authority to close the Twin Peaks, they were never notified about the planned confrontation or about the potential for loss of life. No restaurant, no meeting, no riot.

    The largest law enforcement union in Texas was there with support trailers hauling enough supplies for two days.

    The LEO’s issued an “Active Shooter Protocol” for the event.

    A lot of this was given out by Sargent Swanton in his numerous statements to the press. A lot was given out in live testimony by law enforcement officers.

    Then there is the presence of the Aryan Circle in the Cossacks.
    Cossacks led by Aryan Circle leader Big ‘O’ Owen Reeves.
    Traditionally these people are strictly forbidden in motorcycle clubs and are grounds for a motorcycle club to be closed down.

    Who injected the Aryan Circle into the Cossacks?

    And in reference to Odessa, there are no Cossacks in Odessa. But the Aryan Circle’s state headquarters are in Odessa.

    No mention of the Cossacks MC in the indictments of the Aryan Circle and no mention of the Aryan Circle in the Waco cases. Was Big ‘O’ a target or was it just dumb luck that he and several members of the Aryan Circle/Cossacks were the instigators of the riot and the first to be killed?

    Check out this short story. It is fiction, but it gives a likely scenario of what happened.

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