First Amendment law enforcement targeting veterans

Published on December 15th, 2015 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


Veterans in Motorcycle Clubs Targeted for Harassment

Law enforcement assertions that motorcycle clubs recruit military and ex-military personnel because of war-fighting skills and access to weaponry is purely unsubstantiated propaganda intended to promote fear, not fact. More than that, these assertions are disrespectful to those that have fought and sacrificed serving this country and society.


Brotherhood and the sense of freedom offered by motorcycling are the true motivations that draw those with military backgrounds to motorcycle clubs.  There is a solution. Laws addressing motorcycle profiling and discrimination provide a historically effective and virtually cost-free solution to an issue impacting a community heavily populated with veterans.

law enforcement is targeting veterans including this Marine.


A recent example of discriminatory propaganda titled “OMGs and the Military 2014”, a 40 page dossier prepared by federal law enforcement authorities, has been leaked and widely distributed on the Internet and by the media, particularly since the tragedy in Waco.


This document is sited to further sensationalize any incident involving members of motorcycle clubs. This document asserts that there are over 100 members of what the government labels outlaw motorcycle gangs in sensitive government positions throughout the military and government. The report further asserts that motorcycle clubs recruit those in the military because of fighting skills and access to weaponry.


Of course, there is ZERO substantiation for any claims in terms of criminal activity.


These claims are false and ridiculous.


Individuals with military backgrounds are attracted to motorcycle club culture for a sense of brotherhood and
the sense of freedom one gets when riding motorcycles.


Law_Enforcement_Targeting_Veterans_WashingtonMotorcycle club brotherhoods fulfill an important social gap for veterans returning from war. A sense of duty and honor to something bigger than oneself. And then there’s the motorcycle. Fast, exciting, and the sense of freedom is a release from stress and pressure.


Implicating an entire class of people based on stereotyping and conjecture is reprehensible considering that veterans have fought, many injured or killed, to defend the essential freedoms that represent America.


The 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights is a critical piece of that freedom. The right to freely associate and express those associations is essential to a free society and the ability to resist government abuse and discrimination.


To describe those dedicated to the pursuit and protection of freedom as threats to society because they choose to associate with motorcycle clubs is un-American and deplorable.


Most veterans involved in the motorcycle club community are dedicated to the grassroots movement to combat motorcycle profiling and discrimination.  It makes no sense to have fought for freedom only to be denied at home.


Fortunately, many legislators are beginning to understand the issue as the mobilized movement continues to gain momentum.  Respect for veterans and their sacrifices demands legislative relief in the form of laws to condemn and prevent motorcycle profiling and discrimination.


So when you see a member of a motorcycle club riding past, proudly exercising the right to express their association, see past the propaganda. There is a good chance that you are looking at a veteran that was willing to sacrifice all so others would have the freedom to speak their minds and associate with others freely.


Watch this Prime of Example of Law Enforcement Targeting Members of the Military.

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is the Spokesperson for the Washington State Council of Clubs, Founder of the Motorcycle Profiling Project, and works with motorcyclists at the national level. Contact: Send Email,

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9 Responses to Veterans in Motorcycle Clubs Targeted for Harassment

  1. Avatar Stephanie says:

    Thank you David for your discussion on this issue. As a veteran, I enjoy the sisterhood/brotherhood I experience not only in my club but within the greater motorcycle community. Upon returning from my deployment to Iraq in 2007-2008, it was then head of DHS Janet Napolitano who labeled all returning combat veterans as “domestic terrorists”. Due to our support of individual freedoms and views leaning towards the conservative it was a threat to the government.
    We are not terrorists, nor are we the problem. I hope that with future legislation focusing on anti-profiling we in the club community can experience relief from this ever relentless behavior. One day when the terror issue reaches a peak, the law enforcement community will wish they established a better relationship with us. We are not a liability, we are an asset because we love our freedoms and love this country.
    Many thanks for the work you do in the community.

    • Avatar Troy says:

      I would first like to say thank you very much for your love of country, and the service that you selflessly gave to our truly blessed country. I personally feel that it is a shame that you should have to come home and see this kind of tyranny being played out against the good people in a truly political agenda of perversion. It is only because of men and women like you, whom heroically risk all to save the few.
      God Bless you and your entire family, AMEN!
      The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation

  2. Avatar Cary Guild says:

    As a member of the American Legion Riders and Patriot Guard I have stood the flagline for Vets, LEO and Fireman. They are part of what we do and we honor their service. However, if profiling bikers becomes an issue like this one then maybe its time to switch thinkin! Although we are an MRO were mostly veterans and I personally dont like the idea that we are standing for/with these people while they threaten our very existence by harassment. The MC clubsand MROs assist in every imaginable way to give back to communities in donation for medical research and to assure gifts for children and famillies at holiday times of the year. Bikers donate/ collect more monies for charity then any other organizations in the world ! We do love this country and our freedoms! Commons sense would suggest your cutting off your nose despite your face? Find a different form of entertainment like checking parking meters!!

  3. Avatar blackcat says:

    The date on the photos of October 7th 2010 over 5 years ago so this is not new news?

    • This seems to be a common question Blackcat, however, the video and image from 2010 only serves as an example of the targeting of veterans by law enforcement. This video was also used to pass a profiling bill in Washington State. If one were to read the article they would have noticed that this discrimination against veterans is an ongoing problem. For example the leaked report mentioned was from 2014 and the other picture in the article is more recent. Thank you for supporting the MPP.


  4. Avatar John Shea says:

    They profile motorcycles period! I have been riding for over 50 years and have been pulled over for riding a motorcycle for over 50 years.

  5. Avatar maddog says:

    The Iron Order should be disbanded. If they have a purpose to destroy the peace that the rest of us have with one another than its time we rally together and squash the threat. This club is nothing more than a renegade club, wanting to be notced by the actions that they have taken and as I see it, its being backed up by certain law enforcement agencies.They have created a new can of worms and we must do what it takes to bring stability to the region its affecting.

  6. Avatar dave says:

    I’m in a local Veteran’s M/C. I don’t get stopped any more here in Washington, thanks to the MPP, but I do get followed, my plate gets read, my info is looked at and my movements noted. Its rather obvious. It is what it is.
    Support your local

  7. Avatar Troy says:

    I would like to say thank you to ALL the veterans whom have risked everything to bring peace and Freedom to our beloved country. Without all of you there simply would not be any Red, White, or Blue.
    As far as the motorcycle clubs we must all be honest, and that is to admit that in the very distant past, yes some of these returning soldiers may have infracted upon a law or ordinance a time or two. But, the “Wild Child” or even “Easy Riders” from days long gone by are just that, Gone bye. But the local and state and federal law enforcement knows this all to well, and there agenda is not public safety any longer, they are after sovereign power to only them, and it is pushed by our governing body’s. I do not know when, how, or where, the next civil war in this country is going to happen, but I do know it isn’t far off, and is a must if you consider and examine global history. 200 years every country must have this civil war to push corruption out of government, and sadly our country is no exemption to this unwritten fact of every countries history. I will voluntarily ride through hell and back with any of you fine ladies and gentleman, and I will do it having the honors. But sadly I must apologize most that you have to come home from a fight to see this garbage, and the government with it’s cast of cronies picking a fight with you all when you should be resting and healing from your service a far.
    Thank you all and God Bless.
    The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation.

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