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The TRUTH About Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

outsiders_outlaw motorcycle clubsThe truth. The truth about outlaw motorcycle clubs. Not the version you see on TV. It’s not Sons of Absurdity or Gangland. It’s not rape, pillage, and organized crime. But it’s not the church choir or the Boy Scouts either. The truth is that self-identified outlaw motorcycle clubs are rebellious, anti-establishment, and very critical of law enforcement and government abuses of discretion.

Motorcycle clubs, including outlaw motorcycle clubs, are also genuinely dedicated to charity and fundraising for bikers in need. The entire culture is based on the concepts of loyalty, honor, and respect. But make no mistake. Do not take kindness for weakness. Verbal disrespect will not get you shot, stabbed, or killed. That would require a physical threat to person or loved one and most likely in self defense. However, getting smacked for running your mouth is not outside the realm of possibility.

Motorcycle club culture has been heavily influenced by veterans returning from war. World War II veterans first. Then the explosion of clubs following Vietnam solidified outlaw motorcycle clubs as part of American culture. Rebellious and looking for acceptance not given by a post-Vietnam America, veterans formed motorcycle clubs that created an environment of brotherhood and support outside of mainstream society. Outlaw motorcycle clubs embraced the outlaw mythology and the role of anti-establishment rebels.

Side quote 1outlaw-motorcycle-clubs-LEOS-Charged-with-Felonies_captioned

Equating the term “outlaw” with “criminal” is purely a law enforcement conception embraced by a sensationalized media. Reality does not justify the claim. Sure there are criminals and felons in some outlaw motorcycle clubs. But no more so than law enforcement or most other large communities.

In fact, more police officers are charged and convicted of felonies every year than members of outlaw motorcycle clubs. And members of outlaw motorcycle clubs have been heavily involved in the grassroots rights movement concerning civil liberties ranging from helmet choice to profiling.

The courts, at least many outside of Texas, do not agree with law enforcement. Attempts to equate membership with criminality or reasonable suspicion of criminality have been rejected. Motorcycle clubs and their colors, including 1% or outlaw motorcycle clubs, are forms of expression and association that are explicitly protected by the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (see How Waco Is Being Used To Decimate The 1st Amendment JUNE 26, 2015 )


Many state legislators do not agree with law enforcement. The movement to end motorcycle profiling has been gaining momentum and is law in Washington State. Anti-Profiling legislation unanimously passed the Maryland Senate in 2015. Nearly 20 states have passed laws or judicially determined that motorcycle only checkpoints amount to illegal campaigns of selective enforcement. Legislators are beginning to see through the propaganda and place checks on law enforcement policies driven by discrimination. (see About The Motorcycle Profiling Project)

The reason the courts and many legislators disagree with law enforcement relates to the idea of freedom of expression in a free society. Individuals should be judged by their own actions, not the actions of others merely based on an association with that person. Individuals should not be targeted merely because of their appearance or membership in any organization. Remember McCarthyism? No individual should be the target of law enforcement actions absent particularized reasonable suspicion or probable cause based on behavior, not appearance.

And who objects to every single one of these protections for motorcyclists? The law enforcement lobby does. Every single time. Law enforcement is programmed to reject every criticism of law enforcement policy and procedure. Authorities have fully embraced a skewed narrative defining motorcycle clubs as criminal. But the legislative and judicial branches have thus far rejected these broad assessments of an entire class of people.

Outlaw motorcycle clubs are no more criminals than other historical groups fighting government discrimination and policies of oppression. Patriots were considered outlaws. Many civil rights groups in the past were considered outlaws. Many current civil rights groups are considered outlaws. Peacefully demonstrating environmentalists are considered outlaws. Many have described Jesus as an outlaw. Ghandi was an outlaw.

Famous Outlaws-yesterdays-outlaw-motorcycle-clubs

I am NOT saying that bikers rise to the historical level of importance of any of these examples. I am saying that the outlaw label has historically been applied to, and embraced by, many people fighting against discrimination and law enforcement abuse.

Any socially or politically active group opposed to law enforcement policies becomes a target. Oppositional groups are labeled criminals in an attempt to discredit and dismantle them while the general public does nothing. This is their job. The job of maintaining the status quo and enforcing the policies of government.

Loyalty, honor, respect. A love for riding motorcycles. A passion for a free society where you are judged by your actions, not your appearance. The desire to be left alone and not be harassed. This includes the self-respect to stand your ground and not allow anyone to abuse or disrespect your person. True, most people in mainstream society will tolerate more from others. But no one cares more about the concepts of freedom and honor than an outlaw biker.

That’s the truth about outlaw motorcycle clubs.

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is the Spokesperson for the Washington State Council of Clubs, Founder of the Motorcycle Profiling Project, and works with motorcyclists at the national level. Contact: Send Email,

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23 Responses to The TRUTH About Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

  1. Avatar Buzzard says:

    I am a Renagade and hate the establishment, I prefer to take care of business myself. Trust no one.

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Y o u r. R I GH t

  3. Avatar snooze says:

    I ride with more then 1 club, VNV , LVMC, Lake Trash RC, just name a few. I’m also a solo rider. I understand the freedom of riding and what it means to a lot of men and women. To me, its a brother hood of men and women who enjoy the freedom of riding, and being apart of something. But when someone tell me, who I can or can not ride with, that’s when I have a problem.

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      Amen Brother.

    • Avatar JohnO says:

      Your statement I ride with more than one club is strange, I know a lot of real clubs non of which would allow a patch holder to be a member of other clubs… why would you want to be a member of more than one club? Maybe I am getting old or that’s something new but sounds like you can’t make up your mine…

      • Avatar Anonymous says:

        He also said that he was a solo rider not a patch holder

      • Avatar Bigg C Dogg says:

        Sounds more like what we call a hang around. Some guys cant commit the time to a clubs needs and have friends in several…Most clubs don’t mind as long as your a true supporter.

      • Avatar Anonymous says:

        He said he was a solo rider. You can still be friends with patch holders and ride to open events ,charity rides are a big one especially toy runs. Friends are friends .

    • Avatar Debi Bayes says:

      I totally agree. Stand and fight for our Constitutional RIGHTS!

  4. Avatar Rusty, Starlin says:

    I have been around, MC s, my hole live. I” am Patched, C. M. A.
    There the, most loyal, helping others,
    Charity minded bunch you will ever meet, BOTHER HOOD IS # 1.
    we all have a Freedom, attitude,
    That’s why the feds hate all of US,

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    associations like coc and abate fight for the rights of all 2 and 3 wheelers out there. all you idiots that say well i just ride solo and will take care of my self. have another thought coming Shit rolls down hill and you are in the direct path. all brothers and sisters must unite to uphold our rights weather you ride with a club or just friends rights are rights it effects us all.

    • Avatar drifter pres.fallen ones RC says:

      Amen,brother and that means all patches,we need to stop this petty bullshit and band together as it was ment to be,other clubs are not what we need to fight,government, and there hounds are the real targets,fight back,or give them your patch,guns,and roll over an be a drone

      • Avatar shawn says:

        I agree with you both. Colors, like ourselves are real. Who does what and where is irrelivent. The ones trying to hold us down is the problem. It’s a matter of rights. The integrity of our rights are jeopordised, bringing us slowly to our knees. We concentrate on a false assumption of disrespect. When in reality, the disrespect is within us for allowing Government beaurocratic bullshit to consume our very own. We must straighten out the real threat, so we can be getting on with our own business.

    • Avatar red bear says:

      Together we stand, apart we fall, Dont let them, abuse our rights, we are in this together,

  6. Avatar Sarge Nelson says:

    You got this shit right .

  7. Avatar Troy says:

    I have to touch on this article, sorry if some of you don’t like what I say, but, that is why this is a free country.
    As a self admitted “outlaw motorcycle rider” (1981 Harley Davidson custom Wide Glide kicker only folks in case your wondering) I seem to see more “outlaw” actions being taken daily by political figures, law enforcement, corporations and businesses, and even 4th branch of government agencies like the EPA or the worst outlaw criminal in this entire country the Internal Revenue Dis-service. But, Society (in general) have been feeding off of the government’s war propaganda and the lies puked out by the medea for so long that they are hypnotised into thinking everyone on a motorcycle is a bad bad person. Well society thank you very much, because among the list of bad bad people is judges, police officers, lawyers, school teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, construction workers, engineers, space astronauts,city officials, and probably one of your own family members that you hold very dear, and loving to say just one name to really hit home on all the do gooder motorcycle hating society Kenneth Copeland does in fact own, and ride a Harley Davidson. So my personal opinion about how the people of this country feel about us bikers would be that yes I agree that there is a very severe problem here. But I don’t think that the problem is us bikers, I would think that maybe a look in the mirror would expose the true root of the problem, and maybe give all you haters a starting point at where you can start to correct the problem. And one last fact just to add as icing on this politically created hate cake, 100% of the time those whom come to the defense of this Godly Blessed country are either Veterans, or Bikers. Thank you and have a nice day.
    The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation
    PS. I am going to end this post with a story I wrote during the founding 2 Million Bikers to DC assembly. In God We Trust………………………….

    American Rebel Bikers
    WAKE UP CALL TO AMERICA! This country was built by the funds of the RUM RUNNER of the past. The citizens loved these REBELS whose bravery was unmatched at the time. They knowingly faced the dangers that lay ahead of them so they could deliver a product that was in demand nationwide. They risked their lives through every turn they took because they knew the importance that their mission meant to the impact of this great nation. Then the people betrayed them and made laws to condemn them, jail them, fine them and even kill them.
    America’s Veterans of Foreign Wars is yet another chapter of this great nation’s book in history. These fearless solders fought till they were black and blue, injured and broken, tired and hungry never giving up, but sometimes giving all for this great nation. So you and I could live free, safe, united and respected by all. Yet once again the people betrayed them. Spitting in their faces as they returned home, holding up signs of protest while enjoying the freedoms these soldiers was defending against our foes, giving them minimum medical benefits if any at all. Yet they never refused, ran or surrendered for why, what or love of their country that directed them to where they was fighting and or knowingly giving their lives for you and I. Once again it would seem that history is repeating itself in this great nation. Bikers that most of you have all spoke poorly of, looked down upon, refused to help no matter how thirsty or hungry we where, are the only ones to step a foot forward in defending our beloved great nation again, against the Foes, Terrorists, and Enemies that make offensive moves against this great nation. Bikers, are fighting once again for the freedoms and protection that most of you unacknowledgly enjoy day in and day out. Bikers, classified as Rebels by the American peoples are the ones defending the honor of are loved ones who lost their lives during the attack against the American people on American soil during 9/11/2001, yet we Rebel Bikers are the ones you choose to hate when you are tucked in safe and sound at your homes. Regardless of all the nasty things that the people have said and done to us, we never hesitate when facing danger to protect you and this great nation. No matter the individual cost to us Rebel Bikers, or the hatred that you distill upon us, we voluntarily choose to defend, fight and protect your freedoms in this great nation we call America, and all of you also call home. I know the story of another Rebel of his time that people hated, assaulted, spit on, called names, and yes, yes I am afraid its so, they even put this Rebel to death. This Rebel said that “the world will hate you also, as they have hated me who come before you.” This Rebel’s name,,,,, Jesus Christ. I wrote this because I too am a Rebel Biker hated by many. But I am a proud Rebel Biker that knows not the definition of give up, nor the directive change who you are. I was born a proud Rebel Biker and I will die a proud Rebel Biker, My name you ask? Troy Riddle, and maybe it’s time that you consider who you chose to hate in this great nation,
    The United States of America.
    God Bless!

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      You sir hit the nail on the head and drove it straight through the board. John Q. Public is just as guilty for letting the leaders and media biased propaganda skew the citizens view to governments side. If you get hurt, we will be there to pick you up, give you our own shirt off our back if yours is destroyed, we will drive you to the hospital or take your bike to our shop and fix it with what we have laying around so you can get back out to ride and probably Mexer take a dime for these services. Why you we would do that? Because we help our brothers and are there’re for there tryin time to help them get through it. We are the 1 % that will help when the 99% would rather just wash their hands and led

    • Avatar Rebecca Hayes says:

      Well said…finally someone who thinks like me…thank you to all the Vietnam vets that never got there due welcome home and to all the men and women that fight for our freedom

  8. Avatar Steele says:

    Well written as always. Thanks Double D for your articulate editorials.

  9. we envy the rights you have in USA.Outlaw bikers in australia have never had rights.if you have been following the club scene over here you would cringe.any politician or police will publicly demonise us and accuse us of whatever takes their fancy.whats worse is they do itwith impunity.we do not have a bill of rights, if i remember right we are possibly the only country in the commonwealth that does not have one. to get a bill of rights the politicians would have to concede some powers, well thats not going to happen in a hurry.they hav just put a blanket ban onoutlaw motorcycle club members working in or owning tattoo shops.these people were artists before they were in clubs.these authorities have breached the basic rights of the tattooists,.They are denying them the right to work.they have already broken the main civil right .The right to free association.Even third world countries have those rights.they are running riot with power.their latest brain wave was to take the licenses off any electrician deemed to be in ,or associating with outlaw club members.they only backed down when the unions threaten to fight for their rights.i was always a proud patriot,but lately im ashamed of our country.disallusioned people can become hostile people.

  10. Avatar L.A. DWMC says:

    Hey Double D keep up the good work i am a member of the North Carolina COC and will support you and the cause any way i can on behalf of my self and the Dire Wolves MC we thank you ! MM&R L.A. DWMC

  11. Avatar Jennie Gahan says:

    We have the same problem here in Australia. I am a member of a social club that was formed years ago by three bikers, Animal, Ferral & Steptoe. This club has always done charity work. Our annual runs include Christmas Toy Runs to two hospitals & a MS Centre. A Valentine’s Day run. We help out with other clubs or anyone who needs a hand up but no matter what we do, we are criticized by some media. All the bikies and bikers I know will help anyone no questions asked. Just get in their and help. Spend time away from their families to help complete strangers. How many suits would do that and yet they have the nerve to think they are better than us. Come ride with us and see what we do and then criticize.

  12. Avatar Anonymous says:

    In amazement:
    It’s amazing that no one club or organization is looked upon like our MC’s are. Our general public needs to take a look for once about who is talking and taking actions against us, to shut us all as bikers down(MC’s and non-club riders ). The fact is is that lawn force meant is a club of its own (FOP) for they are members of an organization that not always stands so righteous. They themselves have criminals in their club or so-called brotherhood, but no one person gets to hear that or see that on mainstream TV. I’ll need to take a deep look inside themselves and judge themselves first before judging or categorizing us as any one thing or another. The general public need to take back their opinions and thoughts and look deeper into how we patrol ourselves and they patrol themselves. I’d rather have someone that I know would have my back and defend me to the end hence the saying of the military death before dishonor her, then to count on the thought of how and who I can trust. in ending all MC’s in one way or another are aiming for one thing, and that is to have freedom of our human rights……….

    Police yourselves, and we will do the same.

    True. Loyalty. Love. Respect. &BROTHERHOOD………

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