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Millions Impacted by Motorcycle Profiling


Many motorcyclists would say profiling is an issue. Most club members would say profiling is an epidemic.  Despite this belief, until now there has never been any reliable data to substantiate this reality. The ongoing National Motorcycle Profiling Survey 2016 (NMPS) is beginning to show definitive trends as participation continues to accelerate. Thousands of individuals have taken the survey nationwide and the reality of motorcycle profiling is evident. The NMPS is undeniable proof that legislative relief is needed at both the state and federal level addressing the issue of motorcycle profiling and discrimination.


The NMPS Is Statistically Representative of The Entire Motorcycling Population


The NMPS has reached a participation level of nearly 5,000 randomly selected individuals. According to Creative Research Systems, 5,000 participants results in a mere 1.4% margin of error. The means the NMPS results are over 98% reliable in terms of representing the general motorcycling population.

(Creative Research Systems calculates the sample size required for a desired confidence interval, or the confidence interval for a given survey sample size: Creative Research Systems, 2003. “Sample Size Calculator.”)


Over 5 Million Motorcyclists Have Been Profiled


According to the NMPS, 50.86% of motorcyclists say they have been unjustifiably stopped by police at least once while riding their motorcycles. 37% say they have been unjustifiably stopped more than once. Using the American Motorcycle Association’s estimate of 10,000,000 motorcyclists in America, over 5 million motorcyclists say they have been the victim of profiling at least once in the past. 3.7 million motorcyclists say they have been profiled more than once.




Over 5 Million People Profiled At Public Motorcycle Rally’s.


The NMPS says 46.71% of motorcyclists (4.6 million) have witnessed police actively gathering intelligence on motorcyclists and rally participants. 9.97% of motorcyclists (987,000) have been harassed or denied entrance to public events. The numbers mean motorcyclists have witnessed mass surveillance at public events and 987,000 motorcyclists have been harassed or denied entrance altogether.




Profiling is a Motorcycling Issue- It’s Not Just 1%’ers Being Profiled


Only 7% of respondents are members of 1% motorcycle clubs. In fact, 43% of survey respondents have no club affiliations of any type. Yet over 50% say they have experienced profiling.  This means that members of veterans clubs, Christian clubs, and even independents have been victims of unjustified stops.  The perception held by some that anti-profiling measures are primarily an issue impacting outlaw motorcycle clubs is simply not validated by the data.


86% of Survey Participants Are Registered Voters


86% is a very high concentration of registered voters in such a large sample size. Victims of motorcycle profiling are extremely active in electoral politics. Legislators ought to be motivated by their voting constituents confirmation that motorcycle profiling is a widespread epidemic in America.


Survey results showing 85.81% of participants are registered voters

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9 Responses to Millions Impacted by Motorcycle Profiling

  1. Avatar TexasCarey says:

    Double D, keep it up! Great work sir! Profiling and Discrimination should be outlawed!

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  3. Look at the I-35 corridor from Dallas/Fort Worth to San Antonio in the graphic.

    Texas! We have a problem!

  4. Avatar ed greninger says:

    Thanks DOUBLE D for your work and effort on this project in the north west.

  5. Avatar Shaun K.. says:

    Last year at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas after the police ambushed bikers at a COC&I meeting in which 9 were murdered and many wounded they arrested 177 bikers. There were many 1%’s and other MC club members in attendance that day. In the immediate aftermath Sgt. Patrick Swanton of the Waco PD stood before the national media and labeled all those in attendance as dangerous outlaw criminal bikers. He made a point to keep repeating that these people were criminals and very dangerous. In the weeks after this massacre we learned that a large percentage (75%) of these men that were labeled dangerous criminal bikers had in fact never been arrested in there lives. They were actually upstanding members of their communities, war heroes, fathers, and even pastors.. I believe it’s this outdated view and ignorance of 1%ers and the biker community as a whole which led Law Enforcement to over react that day and quite possibly instigate the opposing clubs to violence.. You did a great job DD in laying out the facts with statistics and it’s hard to refute the numbers. Great to see the various 1%er clubs standing united together with the MPP to combat this problem also.. I’m sure LE hates to see unity between the various clubs..

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  8. Thank you Double D for all the work your putting into this project.I have administration the way you’re standing up for your beliefs. God give you and others strength to break through the barriers.

  9. Much admiration for you taking a stand for your legal rights.God give you strength to break through all barriers & Knowledge to overcome any inferior or distorted imitation representation of biased law.

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