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Published on June 9th, 2017 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


State Farm Responds to Outrage After Denying Coverage to Motorcycle Clubs

The MPP recently reported that the National Council of Clubs (NCOC), a national rights organization representing the interests of motorcyclists and motorcycle clubs nationwide, recently obtained a copy of a letter from the State Farm Insurance Operations Center notifying a chapter of a Veterans motorcycle club that the insurance coverage on their property was being cancelled. The stated explanation for the policy cancellation was “we don’t provide coverage for businesses engaged in motorcycle clubs.


Although the NCOC received no direct response, the Arizona State Representative for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, Dale “Animal” Dedrick, took initiative and contacted State Farm Insurance requesting an explanation.   “What is the State Farm Insurance company policy relating to motorcycle clubs and their property?” Dedrick received the following response from State Farm on May 25th:



State Farm’s response is vague and never directly responds to the clearly stated policy made clear by State Farm’s original cancellation letter.


On May 25th the NCOC responded to the above letter which included the following:


“The May 25th response does not directly address the original question and core issues sufficiently.


The May 25th response says coverage for clubs is considered on an individual basis, but it is not clear if the statement of policy in the original letter dated February 27, 2017 is now being rejected by State Farm. Does State Farm have a policy “that denies coverage to businesses engaged with motorcycle clubs”?


If the blanket denial of coverage to businesses engaged with motorcycle clubs is no longer State Farm policy, what activities would disqualify an individual motorcycle club or motorcycle organization from receiving coverage from State Farm?”



The MPP will continue to follow and report on any information relating to State Farm’s policies related to motorcycle clubs.

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6 Responses to State Farm Responds to Outrage After Denying Coverage to Motorcycle Clubs

  1. Avatar Vhris Noe says:

    Since tbe government made it mandatory to have insurance it should be mandatory insurance companies provide coverage. Until then it’s bezt to dtop all State Farm Insurance.

  2. Avatar Teresa "T Bird " Vineyard says:

    As a State Farm client of 30 plus years. I am very interested in the end results of this inquiry.

    Not only are both our motorcycles, both homes and both trucks insured by State Farm. I would hate to think the company that I have trusted with my family’s needs is not as motorcycle friendly as they claim to be.

  3. Avatar Rick Kit says:

    So by their rules….ALL Harley Stealerships would be disqualified???

  4. Avatar Calvin says:

    I HATE State Farm, my parents had them for all of their lives, I grew up with being covered under their insurance policy’s. I joined the military and was told to get State Farm where I was located and I did, who gave me NO discount and basically treated me like shit. Then 3 years later, while STILL in the military, I got married. My wife at the time had a suspended drivers license for a DWI, and it was going to be lifted in a month, when I presented the agent with a marriage certificate. I told him she didn’t drive and what was going on, and he was reluctant to even give me a discount for being married. A week later I get a cancelation letter because “State Farm” WILL NOT provide coverage to any HOUSEHOLD who has a suspended licensed person living at that address. You do not even need to be married.
    Got out of the military and was encouraged AGAIN from my parents to go back to State Farm. Bought a house and had a Rott cross breed that was friendly and even playing in the front yard with my children. A claim agent who was at my parents house, looking at a claim my father had put in because someone had hit him in a parking lot, saw my dog and with out me knowing it, a week later I get a cancelation from State Farm of my house insurance because I had a Rottweiler dog. Again, No phone call or anything. I moved down to Florida and State Farm dropped all the house insurance down here because of a hurricane, WHY? Because they had to pay out!
    State Farm is a POS. I don’t care if they offer the BEST and Cheapest Insurance out there. I BOYCOTT State Farm and I wish EVERYONE would. Make them go into Chapter 13!

  5. Avatar David niccum says:

    Just drop State Farm they been going downhill for years even their agents are pissed off

  6. Avatar ghost says:

    i use progressive. state farm is a over rated rip off.

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