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Published on August 12th, 2016 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Peacefully Assemble


Many in the mainstream media have missed the historic significance of who was standing together during the National Council of Clubs Press Conference held in Austin at Shamrock Cycles on May 17, 2016. The press event announced a National Protest Against Motorcycle Profiling and Discrimination. The story took a backseat to regurgitated sensationalism focused on Waco.


Members of clubs that some media and law enforcement have vilified were standing in unity behind the common ground issue of motorcycle profiling and discrimination. There were clubs from around the country in attendance, including representatives from the Outlaws MC, the Mongols MC, the Vagos MC, the Hells Angels MC, the Sons of Silence MC, the Devils Diciples MC, the Hessians MC, the Valiants MC, the Infidels MC, the Outsiders MC, and many clubs from Texas ranging from Christian Clubs to Veterans MC’s.


To be clear, this does not represent any kind of peace treaty or end to historical rivalries among motorcycle clubs. What the NCOC does represent is a decision by participants to stand together and project a unified voice on common ground issues that impact all motorcycle clubs and their members. Issues like the 1st Amendment, discrimination and profiling.


I suppose peaceful political protest is just not interesting enough to most mainstream media outlets, particularly events that disprove and dismantle their choice to perpetuate irresponsible sensationalism relating to motorcycle clubs.
















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21 Responses to Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Peacefully Assemble

  1. Avatar BigBob says:

    Great job Brothers.
    Hope it works.

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  3. Avatar Jim Kearney Jr says:

    Always glad to see M/C’s get together to share any cause. I’ve always ridden like my dad, in a way that would be a positive light to riding.

    There will always be a ‘bad apple in ANY organization; we just need to better police our own so as not to give any ‘ammo’ to those with ‘permanent negative view syndrome’.

    Jim Kearney Jr
    ‘Calling Fox’

  4. Avatar James Barr Sr. says:

    See what can happen when you don’t have a corrupt District Attorney or Police Dept. to interfere.

  5. Avatar Jimbo 319 CFFC says:

    WOW! The significance in this event is absolutely unbelievable as well as historic. If your not into this life then it means nothing but for us who are then, it shows that there can be unity when we all come together for greater good. Glad and Happy to see it. Knees in the Breeze! & “Fuck Global Warming, cause HELL just froze over.” LMAO. Much Respect to all Clubs who attended.

  6. Avatar Greg Ratliff (Hardtime) says:

    I think this is great, so many clubs that hate each other join forces if only for the day is step in the right direction.

  7. Avatar Nadine aka scooter says:

    If everyone look at what all bikers do for there community all the money that they fund raise from children to help family for Christmas just once I would like for us to be looked at as someone who just love to ride a Mortorcycle not the Mortorcycle group u see on tv thank you

  8. Avatar KatenPie says:

    Oh good lord all these 1%rs together in one room and murder and mayhem did not follow???? If LE were to believed rape, pillage, plunder and murder should have broken out. This would have been the scenario LE would have had you believe was going to happen. But those of us in the MC culture/family know to better. If only the fkin LE would get their heads out of their orifaces learn the truth.

  9. Avatar Anonymous says:

    This is awesome and a step forward to peace.
    Too bad the media and police could not put it on the forefront of the nrws

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  11. Avatar Greg says:

    Its good to be reassured that rival clubs can get along for th greater good of all of us.

  12. Avatar Michael Anderson says:

    That picture of MY BROTHERS PRAYING. made this meeting mean more then the meeting it’s self!

  13. Avatar Anonymous says:

    There’s power in numbers

  14. Avatar Bruce (Pappy) Kelly says:

    It is shameful that the mainstream media refuses to report on the good that’s done. All they care about and report on is the bad. If someone had been shot there it would have been all over every station coast to coast. I have been in the biker community for many years and have seen first hand the great things bikers have accomplished. Sadly it all goes unreported in the media.

  15. Avatar Carolynn Central NY Mom says:

    There was a time in my life that I needed help as a single parent raising two children on my own. Thank you for helping me and standing by my side although a stranger at the time… you gave me strength to face each day with my head held high and continue to care for my children.
    For years the general public has feared your clubs but I received more help from you than I did my attorneys or law enforcement. Thank You from the bottom of my heart <3
    You also showed me that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, I now ride my own, and have a great job in Corporate USA <3 Thank you!

  16. Avatar Cheryle Ihrig says:

    Man, horse motorcycle all ride the same trail, it’s how we treat others that separates us. Anytime, any where, in any town or city, you can count on Biker Motorcylce Clubs to help in their communities. We pay taxes, work, play, educate our children just like a four wheeler. But you would not see a four wheeler get out of their autos to help another biker because of the profiling.

  17. Avatar leah says:

    its about time, I was raised around and lived with some the mc’s of colorado, the bull shit you hear on tv and media is just that, they are just men trying to make it in a world where they have been branded. they are nothing like that in person and are some of the most helpful, kindest and most fun loving people you will ever know, show them respect and they will bend over backwards to help you,I love the fact that they are coming together, because it the only way they can make a difference,I support all mc’s , much respect guys and gl making the fuckhead Iron order mc pay for what they have done!

  18. Avatar Marcie says:

    I believe that without this lie sold to the public, the feds would be in the unemployment line with the rest of the trash in our country. Bikers live right and free and law enforcement hates that!

  19. Avatar Pb says:

    I’m a cop. Been one for 25 years. I have never messed with bikers. Not even the 1% . I Always looked up to the biker community. Good peeps. All of you. I’m not a biker myself. ( SEEN WAY TOO MANY HORRIBLE ACCIDENTS) be safe out there all of you. Something bad is gonna happen in America in the coming years and WE’RE GONNA NEED EACH OTHER TO SURVIVE! Ride on my friends

  20. Avatar Docholiday says:

    Know matter what patch you have on your back…United We Stand Together…If The Fed’s or any other Law Enforcement INFRINGE On OUR RIGHTS…We Must Stand Together…

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