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Published on October 8th, 2015 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


Why The Mongols MC CNN Episode Is So Important For All Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

The Mongols Motorcycle Club effectively communicated what the outlaw motorcycle club world is about more accurately in the CNN episode that aired October 7th, “This Is Life” with Lisa Ling, than any other mainstream media depiction EVER. The message communicated and received was direct and honest. Outlaw motorcycle clubs are not the Boy Scouts but that does not make them gangs or criminals despite law enforcement’s label. The Mongols took a risk that ultimately benefited everyone involved in outlaw motorcycle club culture.

Historically outlaw motorcycle clubs avoid the media for the legitimate fear of being manipulated and sensationalized. This has resulted in only one side (law enforcement’s side) of the outlaw biker narrative being heard by the general public. In a post-Waco world public perception is more critical now than it has ever been. Law enforcement nationwide has ramped up its focus and targeting of motorcycle clubs. The Mongols made the decision to speak up and refute the inaccurate stereotypes at a time the government has waged war on outlaw clubs.  CNN, a highly credible mainstream news source, provided millions in the general public first hand proof that outlaw motorcycle clubs are not what law enforcement says they are.

The Mongols provided Lisa Ling unprecedented access, including a pack ride to a national run and interviews with members and prospective members. The Mongols didn’t try and depict outlaw clubs as mainstream do-gooders. If you intentionally step on an outlaw bikers toes then you might get f*#ked up. But the club is not a criminal enterprise or a gang despite acts of individuals.  The alpha male dominated world is an outlet for brotherhood, community and family. A secretive society within society, but not equated to criminality.

The epidemic of law enforcement harassment and profiling was also clearly visible and commented on by Lisa Ling numerous times. Random profiling was discussed, captured on film, and exposed to millions of people previously unaware of this highly prejudicial pattern of selective enforcement targeting outlaw clubs based on stereotype.

And Lisa Ling communicated the most important thing about outlaw motorcycle clubs. She said, “These guys live to ride. I get it!”  The pack is where it’s at and that’s the foundation of this entire community.

The Mongols Motorcycle Club stepped forward, took a risk, and proved that the motorcycle club world can and should play a critical role in telling our story to the media and the general public. Nothing is more persuasive than a mainstream media journalist from CNN seeing and experiencing firsthand that outlaw motorcycle clubs are not what law enforcement says they are. Sure, some might find the culture distasteful. But that does not mean outlaw motorcycle clubs are criminals. They are brotherhoods centered around motorcycling that refuse to not stand their ground.

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23 Responses to Why The Mongols MC CNN Episode Is So Important For All Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

  1. Avatar Matthew A. Schroeder says:

    Been following this with great interest. As State Director of Dixie ABATE, I was fully aware that losing your patch and there fore, identity, put us all at risk. Bravo

  2. Avatar Wes C says:

    It’s so easy to lump any group of people and judge the whole lot based on what we think we know about a few. If MCs were so evil then why don’t we see that anywhere else but Hollywood productions? I’ve met several people from MCs and they all seemed like decent people.

  3. Avatar Timothy Palacio says:

    I am a firm believer that all MCs are not bad or criminals, we are just mis understood, look different. Also may not have the same views as law enforcement or political personal, bug we have families just as well also hold jobs,or own small business on the community, as well as try to give back at times.

  4. Avatar Gus says:

    Everyones curious but knows nothing. The MC world is unique & special. Its about love, loyalty & respect. 3 things missing in society today.

  5. Avatar Butch Ryan says:

    Outlaw motorcycle clubs are not criminal enterprises. I am a proud member of the Cossacks MC in Montana and despite law enforcements best efforts there is no felons in the Montana chapter. We don’t speak for other Cossack clubs, however. The ambush of outlaws in Waco was an example of the police mentality about motorcycle clubs. Any law enforcement persons who shoot citizens for no reason are cowards and belong in prisons.

  6. Avatar Joe Lewis says:

    Look at my comment on th site(why do cops make people feel unsafe,it is very true what this man said I was there!!

  7. Avatar Joe Lewis says:

    I would be glad to make a comment to any news agency that will help print the truth!!
    Rhino Joe “Bibbs”!

  8. Avatar GGMC VP says:

    Well done, as usual, Double D. As your title states, primarily this is important for all outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, indeed. But as a part of a local (non-outlaw) 3-piece MC in Texas (member of COC) who had members of my club arrested in Waco for simple being in the area, I would add it’s equally important for ALL motorcycle clubs. Thanks for Sharing. LL&R.

  9. Avatar Tony Momsen says:

    The cops verses outlaw MC’s effects all riders. I ride with Sacred Bones Society MC. We are a one patch club. I can not speak for the whole group but I can speak for myself. Cops stop no outlaw riders just because of the patch.we wear or even no patch. I was busted for defending myself against a guy 15 times my junior. I was 65 at the time. I did have a legal gun and permit which I ended up losing. I was in my leather jacket, black shirt jeans and boots. One of the cops made it very clear he did not like bikers. Anyway to make a long story short I spent a hell of a lot of money to get a plead bargain which was later expunged. Just be careful riding through Redmond, Oregon. I have spoke to other riders that have had problems riding in Deschutes County Oregon. One was a Christian Biker that kept getting stopped as a possible drug runner. He was note.

  10. Avatar chucky says:

    Been doing this life since the 70s ..I had my weapons taken and went to jail because I was the 1st “biker” the keokuk iowa police dept. Seen that had a gun on them….with carry n conceal permit on after a call came in about biker looking guy flashing gun…there still trying to give me 5 years .lol literally pulled me over. Ask if I had a gun….I said yes. They arrested me on spot…yup yup. And took my permit and gun. And my rights to even be around guns till trail. Pissed me off. I’ll know at trail this Jan. If I can have my rights back….lol I was just riding home from club meet…minding my own Damn business….

  11. Avatar Pastor Fred Z. says:


    Pastor Z. and Bikers for Christ M/M

  12. Avatar PC street soldiers MC says:

    The Mongols did the biker community a great service by allowing access , Law enforcement in Waco need to come clean…they inhanced the situation ,bikers have sit downs all the time, rarely is a shoot out a result…So the Government knows how to scare the hell out of the average citizen…and then try and pass a Bogus law, while they are still shook up….1st Ammendment , Appreciate the Mongols for Standing Firm…

  13. Avatar Dan says:

    My ex bro in law is a member of the Mongols and he’s always been respectful and their for my family. I’ve seen TV about how bad they are but I’ve only heard good things from others and why TV portrait them as a gang and thugs is wrong!!!

  14. Avatar Knarf Niatsugna says:

    Mongols members are men driven by freedom and loyalty to the inner-self. QVVLM!

  15. Avatar Robert miller says:

    It’s still about control if the police make the public fear all bikers it’s easy to take over .it’s a great thing .that was done by the Mongols people need to know the truth thanks all

  16. Avatar Ron Britt says:

    Your club is awsome I saw the article and the brotherhood u all show for one another is worth more than life. To truly have your brothers back right or wrong is something that can’t be bought! Much respect to all of you.

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  18. Avatar Bob says:

    I’ve NEVER had a biker point a gun at me, the real gangsters wear badges and hide behind them. The mentality of these people being hired to ENFORCE law in this country is showing every day on the news. I’d rather be with 100 armed to the tooth 1%ers than one cop! Cops will shoot your ass

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