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Published on July 1st, 2016 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


KCPD Officer Working for Quick Trip Threatens Sons of Silence & Mongols


Video obtained by the MPP captures two members of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club being harassed and threatened with false arrest on the night of June 25th, 2016 at a Quick Trip service station in Kansas City because, according to one KCPD officer Marchant, “1%’ers aren’t allowed at the Quick Trip while the KC police are present.”



Importantly, the employees at the Quick Trip had no issue with serving these individuals, frequent customers of this particular establishment. It is unconstitutional for an agent of the government to impose discriminatory access restrictions on anyone, including members of 1% motorcycle clubs.


This incident is one example in an extensive pattern of evidence demonstrating the epidemic of motorcycle profiling and discrimination taking place in Missouri and most pockets of America. Legislation prohibiting the practice of profiling and providing a mechanism of relief for victims is long overdue.


The Story


On the evening of June 25th at approximately 11pm, two members of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club pulled into the Quick Trip located at 6820 Front Street, Kansas City, Missouri. According to one member, “We didn’t even have time to turn our bikes off before an officer approached us and told us we had to leave because 1%’ers weren’t allowed at the Quick Trip while the Kansas City Police are there. I thought he was joking. But he wasn’t. He showed me his KCPD badge.”


But this individual frequents this Quick Trip and was doing nothing wrong. So he ignored the unconstitutional request and proceeded into the store to buy gas. When he entered the store there was an officer in plain clothes (visible in the background of the video) talking to an employee (also seen wearing red in the video) stocking shelves.


“I asked the officer whether I was allowed in the store as a 1%’er. He said I was allowed. I also asked a female clerk behind the counter whether there was an issue with me being in the store. She also said that the Quick Trip had no problem. Yet officer Marchant continued to insist that I leave the premises. I told officer Marchant to basically f*#k off. At this point, I returned to my motorcycle and began to videotape the incident.”

Although this individual was serving as a security guard at the Quick Trip, he was acting under the color of state law. First, by showing his KCPD badge he is presenting and exerting himself as a KCPD officer. Second, in the included video he identifies himself as KCPD officer Marchant.

The Video Shows Harassment And Threats Of False Arrest


The video shows Marchant’s continued insistence for the two club members to leave the property. According to Marchant, they were trespassing. When asked how trespassing could be established when the employees of the store had no issue serving club members, officer Marchant had no intelligible answer.


Eventually, a Sgt. Quinn arrives and officer Marchant attempts to handcuff the member taking the video. Marchant attempts to justify his demands by saying that the club member used profanity in the store and that was why he asked them to leave. But this was a lie according to both members. Officer Marchant told them to leave as soon as they pulled up. Obviously, this is before anyone entered the store. He attempts to handcuff the man but his hand is pushed away.


Ultimately, Sgt Quinn tells them to have a nice night. They are allowed to leave. Officer Marchant does not receive his wish and no one is falsely arrested. But not before a helicopter is deployed and circling above.


This Is Not An Isolated Incident-Member Of Mongols MC Escorted Off Quick Trip Property.


Just two weeks prior, in the early morning hours of June 12th, a similarly incident occurred involving a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club at the exact same location. In an interview with the MPP, a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club explained the incident:


MPP: Describe what happened to you on Sunday, June 12th, at approximately 1am, at the Quick Trip located at 6820 Front Street, Kansas City, Missouri.


Mongols MC member: “I stopped by the Quick Trip Gas Station on Front Street on my way to work (I’m an engineer for the railroad) to purchase a Mt. Dew. As I opened the cooler, a security guard (presumably officer Marchant based on the description, location and his demeanor) said, “Hey guy. We don’t allow 1% jackets in the Quick Trip.” I wasn’t sure I heard him right so I asked him to repeat himself. He said, “We don’t allow your type in here.”

I told him I just wanted to grab my Mt Dew and go to work. I told him I hadn’t done anything wrong. At this point he started to threaten me. He said, “I’m gonna escort you out of the store or I’ll call a paddy wagon.” (Note-Again he’s acting under the color of state law.) This upset me and I started saying f#*k this. He would not allow me to purchase a Mt. Dew.

I told him, “I’ll walk out free willing. You are more of a criminal than I’ll ever be.”

He followed me outside and said, “I don’t want you ever coming back here.”

Motorcycle Clubs Are Constitutionally Protected From Government Intrusions On Expression and Association.


Federal intrusions are prohibited by the 1st Amendment. These obligations have been incorporated under the 14th Amendment and are extended to the states under the Equal Protection Clause. This means that no agent of the government may force or coerce any establishment to impose restrictions that prohibits attendees from wearing clothing displaying the name or symbols associated with a motorcycle organization.


What relief is available for a victim of government discrimination? An individual that has been denied access to a public space at the hands of a government agent can pursue relief under federal law. Prohibiting individuals from expressing themselves and wearing t-shirts or protective equipment with patches or insignia exposes the government to liability under 42 USC §1983.




The actions of this KCPD officer are inexcusable. The practice of motorcycle profiling and discrimination violates constitutional prohibitions against government discrimination, increases the government’s exposure to civil liability, and represents a gross mismanagement of public resources. Documented incidents like this prove that motorcycle profiling is irrefutably occurring. Legislative solutions, like those adopted in Washington State and Maryland, provide a cost-free policy option that empirically reduces profiling.


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34 Responses to KCPD Officer Working for Quick Trip Threatens Sons of Silence & Mongols

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  2. Avatar Jim says:

    Way to go Brother, stand your ground! Idiot cops need to be fired!

  3. Bobby C Bobby C says:

    Right on! Thank you for challenging the unlawful commands of that so called “officer of the law” and calling his bluff and capturing this incident on video. This video is powerful and will help show the public and law makers what’s really going down. There’s no denying that this cop was way out of line and violating the 1%ers Constitutional Rights. Good job on going the distance!!

  4. Avatar Mike says:

    The employees at Quick Trips everywhere I’ve been have always been courteous to everyone I’ve seen in the stores. This cop is on a serious power trip. There goes his moonlighting gig, but he’ll be worse if he’s allowed to stay a cop. I’m proud of the 1%er who stood his ground and recorded the injustice. I owe him a beer!!!

  5. Avatar Kent says:

    This is criminal behavior on the part of a peace officer. Whether hired by Quick Trip or not when he wears the badge then he must follow the laws for all citizens. Members of M.C.s are hard working Proud Americans. Quick Trip should not allow this officer back on their property. If Quick trip condones this than they should be boycotted. I would like to know what the QT corporate position is.

  6. Avatar ron says:

    Sounds like a huge lawsuit!

  7. Avatar Lloyd says:

    So, what’s happening to the idiot officer?

  8. Avatar Bulldawg says:

    Clearly the state of policing in kc.the badge sure makes them tuff

  9. Avatar David says:

    Let’s all roll in there on a weekend and fuel up and get a mt.dew

  10. Avatar Mike willhite says:

    This is bullshit. Thows pigs should be fired.

  11. Avatar SP says:

    That cop has a hard on for MC Clubs! That’s wrong and abuse of power!! I needs to rung up on his “Batphone” and asked to return to station and to return badge and all gear! Not someone I would not want my child dealing with, that’s for sure…..he should be fired for his claim of Territory on duty! Rediculous assurtions!!

  12. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Tomorrow it could be old people because they move too slow!
    This is a good thing that we can record and video these events!
    Since when was it against the law to pump gas? Quick Trip needs to review these practices!

  13. This happens in Texas and Louisiana all the time. More so in Texas after last year’s fiasco in Waco. The police in Texas and the TABC routinely try to get bar and restaurant owners to refuse MC’s entry to their establishments . The Louisiana Boardwalk and Margaritavile Casino in Bossier City Louisiana have had a long-standing policy against Bikers in general.

  14. Avatar Lisa Brown says:

    That’s fucked up pin so many levels my daughter is a police officer n would never do this ast most she would just want tho check out the bikes these guys are asshole n i hope u got them for discrimination ride on brother

  15. Avatar Pete says:

    Quick Trip just lost my business!! They probably treat Vets the same way………
    Whatever happened to the U.S.A. ?

  16. Avatar charles sullivan says:

    thats a bunch of bull shit and those officers should be held accountable for thier actions

  17. The cop was entirely in the wrong not leaving the customer get gas and spend his money in the store because he was a biker.My opinion the cop needs to lose his job.If the biker was causing trouble that would be different but he wasn’t causing any trouble.

  18. Avatar Companero swede says:

    This shit happen way to often ,it’s got to end

  19. Avatar Rusty christensen says:

    my respect to the SONS MC ! % Member for staying so cool ,

  20. Avatar David says:

    I have a case of a state.prosacuter profiling me a motorcycle rider .And prosacuting my son because of it with a crooked cop
    Fired for false confestions and false police reports.
    Only in Elmwood Ohio can this happen
    Ex Officer Habig one crooked dirty cop
    Google the name …

  21. Avatar Troy says:

    David this kind of stuff is nothing new to our world. There are many ways that an officer can uncostitutionaly bully you send violate your protected rights. For example recently a former employer refused to pay me my earned wages. That is a felony here is Texas. But my former employer has a son in law who works for the Bay town, Tax PD. Apparently after I filed a wage claim with the Texas Work Source Commission my former employer notified his son in law and they started illegally surveying me. That lead to traffic tickets, and naturally financial opression as sentenced by the traffic court. Well this is a violation of US 241 & 242 federal law that is conspiracy to restrict me of my protected rights. So just because you may not understand the law so good, anytime an officer asks/orders you to do something that doesn’t seem right, I urge you to talk to an attorney and be as clear, and specific as you can be.
    The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation.

  22. Avatar Tammy says:

    This cop is a little punk ass bitch…take me to jail but I’d have a lawsuit and his job..constitution of rights

  23. Avatar BOBBY says:

    About time someone caught these cocksucks doing this dumbass shit .catch one of these pussy ass pigs by themselves and they will Tuck tale and run and to get under there momma’s skirt

  24. Avatar MissGlenn says:

    Wow!! That’s not surprising to me, though at all. I have been sitting back and watching the constitution go down the drain for years, but people don’t want to hear about it when I start to talk about this. I NOW sit back and watch the people who live in this country and I can just clearly see that they have NO idea what we are headed for. It saddens me to watch this Country just lose itself, and I don’t know what it’s going to take to get the American People to stop and take a good long look at what they are about to NOT have anymore, and so I just don’t watch it happen anymore. I hardly ever turn my TV on, or the radio, I just can’t stomach the news anymore, nor the people that sit down and glue their eyes and ears on all the lies the media has to share, and they actually stay up late to watch it before bed and can actually SLEEP on that crap!! To ALL of the true American Patriots….Have a GREAT FOURTH OF JULY!

  25. Avatar Roxanne says:

    The cop was wrong of course. When the cop got called out he lost face. It then became about power. The cop wasn’t going to admit wrong so he stood on his power trip and tried to convince the man he was right. Bad call cop. Your high from power needs rehab. Or termination. This man handled it quite well. This could’ve turned very ugly.

  26. Avatar JR says:

    Good job Double D! Appreciate all that you do!

  27. Avatar stevo says:

    We have the same problem in Australia with cops being idiots & brave because they have a Gun !
    Hope the cop gets sued & sacked.
    Maybe he can work Full time for Quick Trip ??? lol

  28. Avatar Mike Galbreath says:

    A a retired police officer in a major US city I have always been embarrassed by many of the actions of KCPD. Ater retiring I returned to Kansas City and opened a private investigative firm. The embarrassment continued. If you question my attitude, visit one of the police station in Kansas City, and ask them a question. You will be rebuffed and if you continue you will be threatened. By the way the same goes for St. Louis, but then they are under state control.
    I’m proud of my service and so ashamed of KCPD. Pease don’t get me wrong. Some of the officers do fine jobs within the constraints they are held under.

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  30. Avatar Poet says:

    Its happening in Canada too. ACAB

  31. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Crazy, there is no reason (in the video) for that behavior. As a cop I am embarrassed. Does not matter what the patch says. Treat people the way you want to be treated and life goes on. Save the enforcement action for a time when needed and deserved not “just because”. I sign my tickets when I mess up, that is life.

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  34. Avatar Anonymous says:

    That was So Wrong on so many Levels. Brother way to stand your Ground. QT should Let him go. This could cause more problem’s in the long run for this location. Cops like this just think there Bad Ass, when really there Just a ASS. So sad this is what are Law inforcement has came to. I feel safer with the 1% protecting us then people Like this that call them selves Peace Keepers.

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