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Published on February 25th, 2016 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


National Council of Clubs: Law Enforcement and Iron Order Connection Highly Unethical

RE: Law Enforcement Associations With The Iron Order MC

Date: 2/25/2016

Contact: David Devereaux- Spokesperson,


The National Council of Clubs is the largest unifying movement in the history of motorcycle clubs.  We represent the voice of thousands of motorcycle clubs across America.  These clubs are comprised of riders from all walks of life. The movement consists of Christian clubs, Military Veterans clubs, Clean and Sober clubs, Women only clubs, Child Abuse Assistance Clubs, 1% clubs, riding clubs and many others, reflective of the rich culture and history of our country and the multitude of personal interests available to us all.  We are dedicated to defending the political, legislative and legal interests of millions of motorcycle riders across America and of all of our clubs and club members.


There is an irrefutable disparity in the treatment of members of the Iron Order motorcycle club relative to the treatment of traditional motorcycle clubs by law enforcement and prosecutors. The IOMC is comprised of a number of members in law enforcement who have demonstrated a continuously increased level of aggression against members of other clubs.  The fact that these law enforcement members, even though they are off duty, can still inflame a situation in their personal time and then pull a badge out to trump their conduct is unconscionable.  When local law enforcement is called upon to deal with one of these situations as a result of a shooting or other injury to another biker by an IOMC member, they are confronted with an aggressor with a badge who is usually then given preferential treatment.


This disparity in treatment, substantiated by a pattern of violent incidents involving the Iron Order over the last several years, is an injustice made possible by the club’s direct connections to law enforcement. From the killing of Zack Tipton in Jacksonville, FL to the recent killing of Victor Mendoza at the Denver Motorcycle Expo, a clear pattern of preferential treatment is evident that places the Iron Order and its members above the law. For example, a photograph shows that the suspected Iron Order “shooter” in Denver was taken out of handcuffs and allowed to use his personal cell phone in the parking lot after he shot and killed a biker associated with another club and attempted to kill another.


Compare this to how law enforcement dealt with the Waco tragedy last year, where an incident between a very small group of bikers resulted in the mass arrests and  detention  of EVERY SINGLE PERSON there with a motorcycle or wearing motorcycle associated attire.


Motorcycle club members from across the nation – from big clubs to small – routinely report that the Iron Order deliberately provoke violent incidents with other club members.  These incidents are not the result of  the unrelated actions of individuals as is normally the case with incidents involving clubs.  Unlike other Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs (LEMC’s), the Iron Order seems to be  PREMISED on provoking confrontations with other motorcycle clubs for the purpose of initiating deadly force based on the belief that many clubs will not talk to authorities and that when local law enforcement is called in, that nothing will be done.


Like many other disenfranchised classes, many motorcycle clubs have lost their trust in law enforcement.  Members have experienced a long history of discrimination and abuse at the hands of some in law enforcement who just don’t like bikers. This attitude is not much different than the conduct of some in law enforcement who just don’t like other people who are not like them.  Different religions, different colors, different backgrounds, different languages, different nationalities.  In recent years advances in technology, like recording equipment on cell phones, is capturing much more of this inappropriate behavior and discriminatory conduct.  Compounding this distrust is the fact that not only does harassment clearly occur against the biking community, but law enforcement members of other clubs take these same attitudes into their personal lives and still use their employment and their badges as some cloak of protection and moral authority.   The actions of the Iron Order, because they are tied to law enforcement, tarnishes and further erodes the relationship between law enforcement and the taxpaying citizens they are intended to protect.


LEMC’s like the Blue Knights have publicly condemned the Iron Order and reminded us all that LEMC’s do not normally find themselves in conflicts with other clubs. The Iron Order, and clubs like them, are anomalies in the world of motorcycle clubs. GC Bengal, a member of the Blue Knight LEMC, in a letter to, writes:


“As a Blue Knight I don’t support any violence towards any club. The IOMC has had several incidents that make all LEO’s and LEMC’s look bad and, as a LEO, I would never associate with them or support them. Yes, I have a job to do and yes we carry on and off duty because we are LEO’s 24/7. But the Blue Knights do not advocate nor do we really have many issues with other clubs unlike some other so called LEMC’s like the Iron Order.”


This miscarriage of justice is so reprehensible that motorcyclists and concerned citizens in every state should be demanding to know why every law enforcement agency in their state has not publicly condemned the Iron Order and mandated that all officers and employees sever all ties to the organization. It’s time to change the dialog. It’s time for law enforcement to police themselves. The escalating frequency of violent incidents involving the Iron Order must not be allowed to continue under the umbrella of government approval and protection.


The National Council of Clubs


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5 Responses to National Council of Clubs: Law Enforcement and Iron Order Connection Highly Unethical

  1. Avatar Mack Inglet jr says:

    By what there doing they will be judged by God ! They should be put down ! Closed , badges jerked off and in prison !!!!! I’m a Christian biker I do prison ministry and others . this is what God said would come ! Well it’s here !! It’s time for even the public to stand against these law breakers ! I’m against them !

  2. Avatar Troy says:

    As a biker that has had a few run ins with the legal system, I can that this is a direct vice of the law. At which point and time in our nation”s history did the people vote it permissible that anyone wearing a badge, or having a political employee position for that matter become exempt from the restraints of the law? I know that I was certainly not invited to this vote, and doubt anyone else was. But that is exactly what is going on. Although less severe, I am faced at present time with a problem where I worked for a gentleman and he refused to pay me my earned wages as agreed in a verbal contract. So after scheduling a court hearing against this gentleman his son in law a Baytown, TX detective had coupled up with a few of his professional croneys and have been harassing me. Even giving me fraudulent traffic tickets. So I have geared up and am about to serve my official statement against the Police Department with the internal affairs division and the Attorney General. What happens from here is unknown because of the reality that no one follows procedures from the text books any more, and I am probably up for some more harassment from the department employees. But here is my point, if a person will not face the heat of the battle, then that person is not being a patriotic citizen of this country. These rouge cops did not get there overnight, and it is because of inactions of the citizens of this country that they have grown so out of control. Like it or not this is the truth and will only change by us becoming active in guiding these authority figures into the correct way to represent their positions, and demanding accountability from them as a professional standard. So if you see an authority figure speeding down the road, talking disrespectful, or any other of a thousand “DO NOT ACT THIS WAY” situations, then be patriotic to your/our country and report and follow them actions through to a common ground resolve. If you don’t then you are not supporting the fabrics of our Constitution or this country. NOTICE! I did not say get into a confrontation with them, follow department and legal remedies as listed under every Police Department Operational Guidelines online everywhere.
    Thank you Double D and the entire crew at the Profiling Project for you undaunted efforts to bring Justice to those whom deserve it, and preserve our riding heritage for generations to come.
    The American American, Fighting to Restore Our Free Nation.

  3. Avatar mandee says:

    Smells rotten

  4. Avatar Ron says:

    Since many places put up “No Colors” allowed signs, all motorcycle friendly establishments should start putting up signs saying “No Iron Order Allowed” it at least allows everyone’s feelings to be known. You AREN’T a biker, You ARE a wanna be You AREN’T welcome here.

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