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Published on February 3rd, 2016 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


Iron Order Escapes Justice Despite Violent History and Deadly Conflicts

There is a heightened concern with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club because their membership includes rogue cops that play “outlaw” on the weekend, intentionally antagonizing other motorcycle clubs into conflicts as an excuse to use deadly force and “destroy” human life.


The repeated public displays of violence by members of the Iron Order are in conflict with the intended mission of law enforcement and should be a concern to all citizens, professional law enforcement and government officials everywhere.


Iron Order Leadership Clearly Seeks Violence


The current National Vice President and former Sgt. of Arms (Lt. Colonel Michael “Cgar” Crouse) of the Iron Order has explained the twisted rogue cop philosophy of the club on social media when he wrote: “I know our club has the advantage. 1%ers won’t call the cops. So what the fuck!?  Destroy any fucker that confront you.  It’s a free ticket….If they can.”


Cgar Orders Members to Destroy


The list of incidents establish a clear pattern of the Iron Order provoking confrontations to justify the use of violence and deadly force in order to “destroy” human life.  These incidents are not isolated. They are intrinsic to the Iron Order’s mentality. The philosophy articulated by the club’s National VP has been playing out in real life and people are getting hurt and dying.

  • 01/30/2016 – An Iron Order member shoots and kills a Mongol after after instigating a fight at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver. Pictures taken before the fatal shot show the visibly armed Iron Order member was not in danger and he could have fled the scene. The Iron Order member has not been arrested. “There has never been a confrontation, so much as a fistfight. And many 1% organizations have attended including the Hells Angels, Sons of Silence, Bandidos, Outlaws, Mongols, and many others.  For 30 years that this event has taken place, there has never been a problem until the Iron Order showed up.
  • 06/05/2013 – In Cheyenne, WY Iron Order has a conflict with members of the Los Lobos MC which results in assault, minor injuries, and 2 arrested for weapons charges. No Iron Order were arrested.
  • 06/10/2015 – Erlanger, KY: Iron Order MC v. Iron Horsemen MC which 1 person was deliberately struck with a vehicle.
  • 06/19/2015 – Members of the Reading, PA Iron Order chapter killed a woman named Tanya Focht, a student at Alvernia University. Focht was punched in the face by an Iron Order member then thrown into oncoming traffic and killed as she was trying to defend her longtime boyfriend who was being attacked by Iron Order members outside the Bar B Q Pit restaurant. Berks County District Attorney John T. Adams ruled Focht’s death was an accident. Adams told the Reading Eagle, “No charges will be filed in relation to the accidental death.”
  • 05/09/2015 – Madison, IN: Iron Order MC threatens off-duty police officer outside restaurant.
  • 02/21/2015 – Meridian, MS: Iron Order MC have a violent conflict with the Pisteleros MC and Bandidos MC which resulted in 3 shot.
  • 06/07/2014 Baltimore, MD: Iron Order MC v. Chosen Sons MC and Iron Horsemen MC in bar fight. Result: Active Police Officer and retired officer, members of CSMC, were charged with assault and robbery.
  • 06/26/2014 – Jacksonville, FL: Iron Order prospect Kristopher Stone shot and killed Black Pistons MC member Zachariah Tipton in Jacksonville Beach after instigating a fight. Florida State Attorney Angela Corey outrageously ruled the killing was justifiable homicide even though Stone shot the unarmed Tipton in the face while only a few feet apart. Corey refused to charge Stone.
  • 04/27/2014 – Crawfordsville, IN: Iron Order MC has a conflict with Sons of Silence MC in a business parking lot involving bats, firearms, and knives with injuries.
  • NOTE: Most of these incidents have been covered by other media sources. For a laundry list of incidents see IOMC The Real Truth 2

Why is a club with LEO’s having violent and deadly conflicts and brawls with other motorcycle clubs?

Considering that conflicts between most LEMC’s and other motorcycle clubs are rare to non-existent, this is a very important question. These deadly confrontations are unique to the Iron Order and other clubs with the same rogue cop mentality.   In fact, other LEMC members condemn the actions of the Iron Order. Members in clubs like the Blue Knights have, in response to a Press Release issued by the National Council of Clubs concerning the recent fatal shooting in Denver, made it clear that they condemn the actions of the Iron Order and would not associate with them.


Thomas O’meara, nicknamed Tuff, a member of a legitimate LEMC writes:


“Being in an actual LEMC ( law enforcement motorcycle club ) I am sickened by the behavior of Iron Order. My prayers go out to the families involved. And I hope the MC community, along with general public, sees this as solely an act from Iron Order MC and not combine other LEMC clubs in this incident.”


GC Bengal, a member of the Blue Knight LEMC writes:


“As a Blue Knight I don’t support any violence towards any club. The IOMC has had several incidents that make all LEO’s and LEMC’s look bad and, as a LEO, I would never associate with them or support them. Yes, I have a job to do and yes we carry on and off duty because we are LEO’s 24/7. But the Blue Knights do not advocate nor do we really have many issues with other clubs unlike some other so called LEMC’s like the Iron Order.”



The intentional provocation of conflict as an excuse to use deadly force and destroy human life must be exposed, extracted, and held responsible.  The motorcycle club community should stand in unity and demand that that individuals like Derrick Duran, the Iron Order member that recently killed Victor Mendoza in Denver, be arrested and held responsible for the unnecessary use of deadly force and intentional attempts to destroy people and get away with it.



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13 Responses to Iron Order Escapes Justice Despite Violent History and Deadly Conflicts

  1. Avatar dave says:

    The IOMC is a member of the Police, Fireman, military, & EMT motorcycle club “Alliance”. Id like to know how they feel about this since some of their membership claim the IOMC is not a cop club, and has no standing with them.
    There are other incidents out there that have not made the news with these idiots.

  2. Avatar brian says:

    Iron order also shot a man a couple years ago at the loud sturgis during the sturgis rally..he was a police officer. …WFFW

  3. Avatar larry mack says:

    The incident at the Loud American in Sturgis was not the Iron Order, but another cop club more appropriately named Iron Pigs.

  4. Avatar ybmike says:

    And they wonder why a person fights back! IOMC is just a way to push the buttons of other clubs so they can use their weapons on live targets. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll stand up for my life and family and friends at any cost to myself. I’ve always believed the patch don’t make you a bad ass, or a real man, the man has to earn what he gets.COME EARN IT !

  5. Avatar Melissa says:

    It also needs to be exposed that these idiots also like to intimidate women and younger people into supporting their “club”.

  6. Avatar Mike Stover says:

    I am a man who just got thru serving a 11 yr streach and all I wanted was to come out and ride for the remainder of the time life grants me. I worked 11 hr days, 6 to 7 days a week to finally put down enough to get me my LAST scooter, a 2014 breakout. I was and am so proud of this bike, but because I bouyght this scooter I was violated and sent back to finish my sentence 8 Fucking months as ” you can not enter into a finical agreement without PRIOR approval or knowledge of my PO>> Now this bullshit. What is this Country coming to??? A man cant put the wind to his face and party??!!! I was fortunate enough to have saved enough money my scooter sits in my garage awaiting the snow to melt.. I take my hat off to the Brother who wrote the article I just read. A truer statement about 1%er was never penned. Ride free Thank you

  7. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the feds to put together another hit squad like they did years ago with their so-called bet which good for biker enforcement team it was a group of fads that started trouble with members and 1% clubs they were all federal agents and got away with what they good they can’t beat the 1% clubs in court so now they’re out to kill them one at a time if necessary just another federal trick to try and destroy the 1% motorcycle community they were trying to shut down the 1% clubs for years they can’t win in court so they might as will kill him typical fed attitude don’t trust the government ride safe .Big Steve

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      I agree. It sounds like a total scam to unofficially “legally” kill off people as they see fit. It is so fkn wrong!! They should actually be held MORE ACCOUNTABLE 4 their actions!! this is only the beginning…. I have a license 4 my gun and to carry it – what do you think would happen if I shot oe if themvsy in “self defense”. For real.

  8. Avatar Fuckyou says:

    And furthermore, honor and respect are earned. Unwritten MAN codes are never compromised, y’all would not comprendhe…Deadly force at a swap meet around innocents?? Wow……ok, good call there Biff. WCAFGA. Won’t be me, grant ya that, will be the father of some little kid you kill at a public event. Time and a place. But Hey, don’t get smart mf’s, stay the same. FUCKTARDS, and btw, Kong, ur a fat candyass. Lowfat cottage cheese Lumpy!. Jus sayin….

  9. Avatar Cgarfag says:

    And furthermore, honor and respect are earned. Unwritten MAN codes are never compromised, y’all would not comprendhe…Deadly force at a swap meet around innocents?? Wow……ok, good call there Biff. WCAFGA. Won’t be me, grant ya that, will be the father of some little kid you kill at a public event. Time and a place. But Hey, don’t get smart mf’s, stay the same. FUCKTARDS, and btw, Kong, ur a fat candyass. Lowfat cottage cheese Lumpy!. Jus sayin….

  10. Avatar Danny says:

    Distraught to hear what is happening across the pond to the 1%. You have our support over here iserlohnv

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