Published on March 25th, 2019 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


Idaho Senate Apologizes To Motorcyclists Forced To Remove Colors

After individuals were forced to remove their motorcycle club colors before entering the Idaho Senate viewing chambers to observe a vote on a bill addressing motorcycle profiling on March 4th, ABATE of Idaho sent a letter to every legislator in Idaho requesting an end to this discriminatory practice on March 8th.


The President Pro Tempore, Senator Brent Hill, initially responded by apologizing for any inconvenience, but the policy going forward was not clearly stated in his response. So ABATE of Idaho pressed forward requesting an explicit policy. Senator Hill responded in writing that individuals wearing motorcycle club colors would not be denied access to  Idaho Senate Chambers going forward.


Although S1109, which would have prohibited motorcycle profiling, failed by one vote on the floor of the Senate this year, this incident and outcome move motorcyclists one step closer to legislative protection and further reinforces the importance of fighting back.


ABATE sends cease and desist to every legislator in Idaho


ABATE responds to Senate’s ambiguous apology






Idaho Senate clarifies MC colors allowed in Senate Chambers

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2 Responses to Idaho Senate Apologizes To Motorcyclists Forced To Remove Colors

  1. Avatar Rick Meryman says:

    Good Job ! Thank you for pushing this through to it’s proper conclusion.

  2. Avatar Darrin Schell says:

    Well it’s the point that we are in the United States of America our founding fathers would roll over in their grave if they seen the way people of this fine nation are treated when there is only a freedom of speech being invoked with a color. We were freed as a nation from the tyranny of Europe and as we progress as people we regress as a whole. Lest we forget that every time a law is inacted we lose another freedom. God bless the USA but my lord our government needs to take a long look at the constitution and check themselves before it all is hell in a hand basket. Thank you for your time. Ride safe Ride FREE!!!!

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