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Published on December 22nd, 2017 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


Harley Dealership Swap meet Created After Motorcycle Expo Bans Mongols

Mile High Harley-Davidson of Parker, Colorado has announced that it will be hosting a motorcycle swap meet in support of the Colorado Confederation of Clubs (Colorado COC) and to benefit the Colorado Vets 4 Vets program on January 27th and 28th, 2018. Mile High HD of Parker is in full support of the Colorado COC’s decision to not attend the Motorcycle Expo due to the banning of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, a Colorado COC member club. The swap meet is a perfect example of a responsible response to acts of discrimination against the motorcycle club community.


Background: The Mongols And The Denver Swapmeet.


Although the Colorado Motorcycle Expo was cancelled in 2017, the event has returned for 2018. And now the expo has made the decision to exclude the Mongols MC from attending the swap meet based on events occurring in 2016.


As reported on January 30, 2016, during the annual Colorado Motorcycle Expo, commonly called the Denver Swapmeet, Iron Order MC member Derrick “King” Duran shot two members of the Mongols MC, killing a Mongol named Victor Mendoza. Victor was attempting to disarm Duran because he had already shot one of his club brothers and was pointing and waving a gun at dozens of innocent people. The MPP obtained a photo (that subsequently went viral) showing Duran with a gun in his hand moments before he killed Mendoza.


The IOMC, known to have active law enforcement among their membership, has been involved in a laundry list of confrontations around the country with other motorcycle clubs that have resulted in violence or death. Iron Order members have not been held accountable for any of the violence or killings that they have been involved in. The same holds true for the incident in Colorado. Outrageously, the district attorney declined to charge Duran, at the time a Corrections Officer, with a crime.


In response to this decision, the Colorado COC, with the support of the National Council of a Clubs (NCOC), an organization representing the interests of motorcycle clubs nationwide, has decided to withdraw support for the Colorado Motorcycle Expo. In support of the Colorado COC, Mile High HD of Parker is hosting an alternative to the Colorado Motorcycle Expo at their location in nearby Parker, Colorado on January 27th and 28th, 2018. The event will benefit Veterans in the state of Colorado.


NCOC Responds: Press Release December 19, 2017:







The Denver Swap meet had been going on for decades without any incidents of violence. The Mongols MC had attended for many years, as have most of the bigger clubs around the country. But the first time the Iron Order attend the event a deadly confrontation occurs and a Mongol is murdered. The IOMC, with known connections to law enforcement, is not charged in the crime. The event owners and promoters then respond by banning the Iron Order and the victims of the 2016 shooting. The Colorado COC, with national movement backing, withdraws support for the event and a local Harley dealership hosts an alternative swapmeet that benefits Veterans.


Instead of doing nothing, the Colorado COC responded to the act of discrimination prompting a local Harley-Davidson dealership to host an alternative event that also benefits Veterans, not the promoters. The Colorado COC serves as a textbook example of how to unify the community in response to acts of discrimination.

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6 Responses to Harley Dealership Swap meet Created After Motorcycle Expo Bans Mongols

  1. Avatar Troy says:

    I am proud of the NCOC, and Mile High Harley Davidson for standing strong for all mororcyclists. My only wish would be, that if any MC is banned from attending that it be the Iron Order MC, as they are the biggest group of trouble makers/instigators in the entire motorcycling community.

  2. Avatar Karen Angell says:

    I’ve been a vendor at the Mile High for many years, sewing for everyone, at one time or another. I will miss the club presence there, but the buildings are owned by the city of Denver, and this ignorant decision regarding exclusion of the Mongols and those other Asshats was made by the city, and the cops. Nearly forty years of peaceful assembly gone. The new promoters, endured the bullshit the second year after they acquired the event, and have been fighting city hall ever since. I’m going to be in my same spot, on the main aisle, like always, to support them. I love the coalition of clubs, and understand what’s going on, and I know this is difficult for everyone. Thanks for providing an alternative.

  3. Avatar Rob says:

    Good for both tje NCOC and Colorado COC. I for one will not support the expo, but will bring my buissenes to mile high parker for showing some support for all ” clubs” 1% or otherwise

  4. Avatar Tommy B. Smith says:

    I will attending to COC event at Mile High Harley Davidson in Parker Colorado ONLY.

  5. Avatar Ken (Oldschool) says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that only the Mongols were banned and not the Iron Order. Iron Order has cops and correctional officers in their club.

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