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Published on January 5th, 2018 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


All FL Bikers at Risk After LE Statements Regarding Murdered Outlaw.

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January 5, 2018

National Council of Clubs

Re: LE statements following Outlaws MC Paul Anderson killing.

Contact: David Devereaux-Spokesperson,


The National Council of Clubs, an organization dedicated to protecting the political, legal and legislative interests of motorcyclists nationwide, is very concerned that law enforcement is using the tragic murder of Outlaw Motorcycle Club member Paul Anderson near Tampa Bay on December 21st to dangerously propagate unnecessary fear and bias against all motorcycle clubs and bikers. Law enforcement is using the local news media to imply that Paul was a deserving criminal and to report that outlaw motorcycle clubs nationwide are headed to Florida for retaliation. More than being highly inaccurate sensationalism, such fear-driven propaganda creates very real risks to the civil liberties and safety of innocent motorcyclists in Florida.


After three suspects were arrested within 24 hours of Paul’s murder, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco conducted a press conference covered in the local news media. (See Video Here) Nocco was completely dismissive of Paul as a person because he was a member of the Outlaws MC. The fact that he was an innocent victim was never reported. Instead, Nocco, when discussing Paul, said “bad things happen to bad people.” There was not a single mention of his decorated military service or of his surviving family. The truth about Paul would not fit Nocco’s false narrative of fear.



“…bad things happen to bad people.”


– Sheriff Chris Nocco



The murder of Paul Anderson is a travesty. He was an innocent and valuable human being and his memory does not deserve to be desecrated. The truth is that he was a hero and a loved son and brother. According to his Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, Paul had a distinguished military career and served in the U.S. Army as a Sergeant who was both Army Ranger and Sniper qualified. His decorations and awards include the Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Expert Infantryman’s Badge, Master Parachutist’s Badge, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal (2nd award), Overseas Service Ribbon, and the Good Conduct Medal (2nd award) to name a few. Paul was Honorably discharged after 6 years of service to our country and pursued a professional contracting career. Paul is survived by his mother, his sister, and many club brothers. He wasn’t married and had no children. Paul will be laid to rest next to his brother who was previously killed while also serving in the armed forces.




The truth is that Paul Anderson was a hero and a loved son and brother.



Instead of the truth, Nocco chose to use this tragedy to spread fear among the general public and other law enforcement agencies. Nocco says that motorcycle clubs are no different than the Italian mafia, that there are tens of thousands of members. He falsely claims that motorcycle club members are coming into Florida from across America to retaliate.


Further, Nocco urged the public to call police to report any sightings of motorcyclists with out of state tags or motorcyclists riding in a pack with club colors on. He leaves no possibility that most motorcycle club members do not engage in criminal activity. “Don’t be disillusioned,” he said. “There are professionals in these groups, lawyers, in public safety unfortunately. They have 9-to-5 jobs in hospitals and are nurses.” However, Nocco said when they’re not being a nurse, when they’re out here, they are committing crimes.



Nocco urged the public to call police to report any sightings of motorcyclists with out of state tags or motorcyclists riding in a pack with club colors on.



These assertions are absurd. To suggest that motorcycle club members are professionals by day and criminals by night is self-serving nonsense. Nocco, and others embracing his worldview, simply cannot fathom that the majority of motorcycle club members, including those in 1% clubs, are working professionals with no criminal records that regularly participate in 1st Amendment protected activities.


Do some motorcycle club members commit crimes? Of course. Just as some cops commit crimes. But illegal acts committed by individual cops do not mean all cops are criminals any more than this incident means all 1% club members are criminals. It is a fallacy of composition to make a generalized presupposition about a community consisting of thousands of people based on the actions of the few.


The NCOC is outraged that authorities are using this tragedy to tarnish Paul’s memory and perpetuate fear that could impact innocent motorcyclists. Thousands of bikers and motorcycle club members travel to Florida annually for dozens of events that happen around the state, including the Tampa Bay Area. Of immediate concern is the fact that many out of state club members will be coming to Florida in January for Paul’s memorial service. Club members will be coming to show their respects, not to retaliate. They are now all at risk of being profiled, harassed, or worse.


This is not the first time law enforcement has used a tragedy to perpetuate dangerous rumors. Following the Waco tragedy on May 17, 2015, Sargent Swanton of the Waco PD issued similar warnings. Swanton too reported that motorcycle clubs were descending on Waco to retaliate. However, in the end, after many months, law enforcement admitted all of the retaliation claims were false.


The motorcycle club community knew these rumors were false when they were reported in Waco, just as the NCOC knows Nocco’s warnings are false now. It is irresponsible and unethical to use the spotlight created by tragedy to criminalize an innocent victim and perpetuate fear of an entire community of associations protected by the 1st Amendment.


The National Council of Clubs Public Relations Committee

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is the Spokesperson for the Washington State Council of Clubs, Founder of the Motorcycle Profiling Project, and works with motorcyclists at the national level. Contact: Send Email,

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33 Responses to All FL Bikers at Risk After LE Statements Regarding Murdered Outlaw.

  1. Avatar The American American says:

    Law enforcement kills more inacent people every year than motorcycle clubs ever have.
    Who are the real criminals?

  2. Avatar Kim Blackhurst says:

    don’t usually but here it is. This LEO should be fined or something for inciting hostility to motorcycle riders. I am in fact a retired nurse/respiratory therapist, have never committed a crime except for going at traffic flow speed which is illegal itself. To make a general statement that way should be punishable. Sounds a lot like hate speech, this sheriff should be fired.

  3. Avatar James P. Barr SR. says:

    This is to Double D. Why don’t you offer this Sheriff a changle? Let him name motorcycle members who are convicted felons and for everyone he names you could name a member of the Police dept. that are also CONVICTED FELONS. You could probably name two felons for every ONE he names.

  4. Avatar Hburns says:

    The authorities have had it in for MC’s ever since I can remember and I’m 58… Instead of putting the funds ( my tax $ ) to better use such as criminals sneaking across our borders.
    I do not ride But I will always support MC’S, RC’S and the like. I will also support our men in Blue accept assholes like this Nocco jerk. Some Police deserve what they get. Really tough for me to say that…

    God Bless

  5. Avatar Michele Skanks says:

    What you have said has happened so many times in this Country it breaks my heart to hear its happening again because of someone who holds a position of authority who never should have gotten it. Because someone rides a motorcycle with a group of like mined people does not make them bad people. There are and always will be good and bad in all walks of life. We are all individual and have the rights to be treated as such.

  6. Avatar Debbie says:

    Patriot Guard should be used for this wake. This man is not only a motorcyclist he is one of our American Hero’s. I ride, I’m with the PGR, I’m part of the Veteran community and LI ABATE. I would proudly stand for this man if I was in Florida and I’m sure anyone else would stand for him too. Nocco should be called out for his comments and possibly putting other lives in danger with this propaganda. Bikers and Military stand-up and be heard against this ignorant so called officer.

  7. Avatar Dontknow says:

    This is ridiculous. All clubs are not bad and for you to profile cause they are riding together is against the law. And folks are entitled to come to his funeral from all over united States. This freaking Cop is assuming. He don’t know what he’s talking about

  8. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Paul was a good man still young profiling against bikers is done alot in Pasco county

  9. Avatar Tiller SYLO says:

    RIP Paul

    Right on the money very good read

  10. Avatar Gary says:

    There are a lot more crooked cops then people think.if your going to worry about something then worry that the people you are paying are the ones have to be on the lookout for.and don’t forget get the crooked judges.

  11. Avatar Melita says:

    As a biker myself i agree with most all of this story except as you are explaining the biased of the anti biker community, i also wish you could explain the innocent way he died. Not saying he did not die innocently but this article seems like “doth protest too much”. And i am afraid anti bikers will go to extreme thinking as in died in a knife fight, shot, doing something illegal …etc simply because circumstances are not included in this article.

  12. Avatar JD ethridge says:

    Fuck the sherriff. Statistically… im sure more cops are shot in fla….. wait.. bad things happen to bad people.. carry on.. i will no longer back the blue. Nor support the charity rides for the families of fallen officers. Because the sherriff has a point. Bad shit happens to bad people.

  13. Avatar dennis bolden says:

    one more stupid or bad cop. my brother now he was a real cop never like these asshole who say there are law enforcement.

  14. Avatar Anonymous says:


  15. Avatar G. Love says:

    I want Mr. Nocco to apologize to all motorcycle riders everywhere. My husband and I ride with several motorcycle riding clubs and we along with most of the other riders are Christians. We ride most of the time with the Patriot Guard Riders who stand and honor veterans, KIA’S, LEO and First responders killed in the line of duty. We are not a club but a volunteer organization and mostly veterans. We do ride in a group and most of our bikes are flying large American, service, or PGR flags. I resent his statements because a lot of bike clubs are involved with homeless veterans or the homeless in general. I am a FL native and I do know that there are bad guys on bikes but please do not dishonor the good riders by grouping them all under “bad guys”.

  16. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Pasco county always wants to put good people down. That place is a mess.

  17. those nof who didnt know paul have been misinformed by an asshole ,ride on brothers, thx david for speaking the real truth about this awsome VETERAN !!! i am proud to be a friend ! always!

  18. Avatar Tom says:

    The Sheriff of Pasco County is ignorant. Ignorance in this case is not bliss. Sheriff Nocco should be ordered by his superiors to attend classroom education along with anyone else in his department who is ignorant and parrots Sheriff Nocco. This person Nocco has greatly damaged any goodwill between this Sheriff’s department and this motorcycle club. I am positive that club members have worked through difficult times in the past trying to understand each other’s positions. There was absolutely no excuse for the Sheriff to voice what surely must be his personal opinions in the performance of his duties. To speak about any person or group negatively in person, then to make matters worse by broadcasting his personal opinions to the community, is at least ignorant and unnecessary behavior. The communities Sheriff Nocco’s department protects and serves might, should and will be upset with him. Whenever persons in positions of authority publicly speak concerning their communities it is paramount as it should have been in this
    case, Sheriff Nocco should take extreme care not to upset local people who live and work there. This club member who lost his life was a hero who put his life on the line daily protecting our citizens and Homeland. And, he served proudly and left the service of our nation honorably. This taking of life could happen to any of us at any time, usually happening when we least expect it. To put a stain on this hero’s reputation after he lost his life is despicable. The only reason I can think of for doing so is lack of knowledge or simply ignorance.

    Perhaps the ACLU or the Federal Government department that deals with defamation of character should be notified of Sheriff Nocco’s behavior. To have the highest person of authority in the county conduct himself as he has does nothing to keep the peace. The residents and visitors of these communities could and should be in contact with authorities higher up the food chain concerning this sheriff’s conduct. There is a line he should have never crossed by broadcasting his personal opinions while in service to the communities or worse yet, when wearing the uniform. This sheriff has a duty to now correct the record of this unfortunate man who lost his life. The sheriff also needs to do this publicly for the family and other survivors and also to the community he serves. The sheriff is elected to this position of authority by the county residents and not correcting the damage he has done to his reputation and the community as a whole, will come back to haunt him next election.

    I am sad that your friend, brother and veteran who protected and served proudly, lost his life. Your friend needs to be remembered for his service to all. He does not deserve to be treated like this at the hands of the sheriff in death. May your friend and our hero Rest In Peace.

  19. Avatar PeaceMaker says:

    I bet if that Sheriff was getting his ass kicked he wouldn’t care if you were a 1% er club member or any other if you stopped to help him. Now that brings up another question! Do you stop to help and maybe get shot because of what you’re wearing or just see nothing and keep going? I’m a retired LE and ride in a LE MC. The Sheriff needs to apologize and retract his comments. IMO

  20. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Thank you for writing what we all have been saying. Nocco needs to be made accountable for placing fear in the community, he’s an idiot. Just to say the least.

  21. Avatar Bad Biker says:

    Right on! We are people just like any one else as a regular citizen. We have rights, responsibilities jobs and families just like law enforcement!

  22. Sorry for your loss. R.I.P. MR. Anderson. I know for a fact that bikers when given respect will give it right back to you. I have family that are bikers. I live in an area where there are H.A.. I have run into one and I apologized. I got a no problem are you ok. Yes there are bikers out there that are horrible. But to say all bikers are bad is wrong.

  23. Avatar margie hassan says:

    Unfortunately in this age cops are not your friend if you are on a bike , a Black man or woman, any brown skinned person, any young person driving a car…i mean who do these cops work for? There are lots of good cops…but they aren’t doing their job either because they aren’t working to weed out these miserable lying unamerican ones who just shoot to kill and dismiss regular people without a second thought. I am an older white woman retired RN. I’ve been riding for 35 years and have experienced the disrespect from law officers all across the country and have witnessed the evil treatment of bikers by these people.

  24. Avatar Carl says:

    Sheriff Chris Nocco, Really needs to be educated on people that ride Bikes. All his attitude is going to do is stir up unnecessary trouble. All clubs are different I am not trying to say they are not. However with an attitude as the Sheriff has it could cause a problem in the states that no body wants. There is 99% of the Biker Clubs do nothing but raze money to help Kids, Veterans, Homeless people, as well as Senior Citizens. A lot of people do not even know this. They fall back on all the old TV & Movies that was made back in the 50″s and 60″. Motorcycle Clubs are quiet different now days. OH, I am not trying to say there is not a Club out there that does not do bad crap. There is a very few that make it bad for the rest. Motorcycle clubs bring into city’s millions of dollars for various events. OH yes we drink our beer and bar tenders love it when we come in because we TIP. We pay for what we get. In July 2, 1965 there was an origination formed call the COC or the Confederation of Clubs. Trust me these people are Good and honest. They stay on top of the Motorcycle clubs that in members of the COC. If any one does not really know about the Motorcycle Clubs that is affiliated I would subject you educate your self on this matter before believing hearsay comments. It is all on the internet or on your smart phone. I do not belong to a Motorcycle Club. The Club I belong to is called a Riding Club. We also are members in good standings with the COC & we Support the Motorcycle Clubs in such. I pray for our Brothers.

  25. I am from Pasco county Fla and nocco is the sherrif there if I remember correctly and it bothers me to think that I was from there and supported him and yes I ride. I am a prospect of BACA and a law abiding citizen also as well as most if not all my brothers . Please forgive me but what the hell happened to these law enforcement people I thought they were under oath to protect and serve not judge and convict. …Blue

  26. Avatar pieter schenk says:

    shame to hear propaganda is used on a very honourable person who no longer can answer /defend himself .it,s the public opinion that we had to worry about . put press effort on toy runs /road help like david mann painting ,it,s a good idea to work on that In my country {holand} public opinion is chancing for the banning of outlaw biker gangs in stating it,s a criminal organization ,therfore illigal and no longer are allowed to wear the club colors . So do your best to change this public opinion.

  27. Avatar Donna Dag says:

    Hmmmm….how the Blue Knights? My husband, Vietnam Veteran and retired (FL) LEO and I are planning to spend part of winter in FL and plan on trailering our motorcycles. Should we be concerned? This is no different than profiling someone because of race. This Sheriff needs “human diversity”training or better yet, taken out of office.

  28. Avatar Sybil says:

    I have to tell you,the murder of Paul Anderson has made me sad from day one and the more details I find out the sadder I get,but at the same time I get angrier.For instance I viewed a video right before I came on your site, it was on utube a report from channel 10 news. The night of Pauls murder and from the location this happened.Sheriff Nocco made a statement that it was fortunate no innocent people were hurt.What the hell does he think Paul Anderson was? He was an innocent person going home after working his ass off at a job he was making a career of. Paul didn’t even have time to react to what was about to happen to him.A tap on his truck window is what he heard then he saw the gun and Bam shot dead.He was sniper and Ranger trained so he knew what to do in dangerous situations but the low lifes that murdered him had him at a disadvantage,he was in the driver’s seat of his truck, steering wheel in front of him and seat in back,nowhere to get coverage from gunfire.I did. Not know Mr Anderson but now I feel like I do.He was a Hero who at one time put his life on the line for me,you and even the three that murdered him and did it for six years.OK I’m gonna stop now cause I am just getting myself worked up.Anyways I dated and rode with a biker so I know that bike club members help people not harm them and I for one appreciate all of you!

  29. Avatar Crandon says:

    Thank you for getting this out here so that not only we can see it but hopefully others that have a misconception about riders in general will see that it isn’t always as is put out by the local media. Safe travels to those that are traveling to pay they respects.

  30. Avatar Marjje says:

    Is this cop for real???

  31. Avatar House says:

    Gbnf, sylo, I received a call from a pasco county sheriffs deputy that stated that at his Roll Call meeting the sherif stated Quote: “the only thing these guys understand is violence and power; therefore, we will make them respect us.” This is the kind of arrogance and sickening power corruption Pasco is dealing with. Quote”We don’t differentiate between clubs in law-enforcement. Bloods, Crips, folks, people, angels, outlaws, white, black… We are the other side of the aisle.” this monster of a sheriff needs stopped. He went on to tell me that they were not to give bikers any respect and were to be confrontational. The deputy that filled me in believes the Sheriff is trying to get a deputy killed to prove his point. He systematically gotten rid of anyone who opposes his ideas. He has filled the department with nieve kids and has ousted the older veterans who know he’s a political monster just trying to grab headlines at the communities expense. You see he has a full time spin artist following him around and writing press releases. He has deep political ties and aspirations. The most telling statement the long time veteran told me was Quote”Well, it’s not us guys. Us guys are just trying to make a living and keep our community safe. The bottom line is, does state does not like MCs. Sheriffs make their names and reputations off of shutting down their business. And it doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you’re on, both sides are targeted here. The biggest Rival gang to the outlaws, is the Florida sheriffs Association.” if the last Quote doesn’t sumn it all up for everyone then you are beyond help!! People please go vote or raise hell and get this piece of shit of a pig out of office!!!

  32. Avatar Tank says:

    Just like the same SHIT in Waco, Texas!!!
    WTF….Just a different State!!
    RIP Brother…

  33. Avatar Chris Dokke says:

    This is so sad and such an unnecessary tragedy! All the more reason to UPDATE THE PROFILING LAW WITH LEGAL CONSEQUENCES for officers that do it! Just being a law, something officers “aren’t supposed” to do, but nothing happens if they do anyway ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH! so sorry for this man’s family & friends! After finding out there was no threat what was Nocco’s response…”oops sorry”?? No No No!

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