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Published on February 1st, 2016 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


National Council of Clubs Responds to Denver Motorcycle Expo Shooting

February 1, 2016

Press Release From The National Council Of Clubs

RE: Colorado Motorcycle Expo Shooting

The National Council of Clubs, an organization dedicated to protecting the political and legal interests of hundreds of motorcycle clubs and thousands of their members nationwide, is issuing the following statement related to Saturday’s shooting at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver:


Various media sources have reported that a confrontation between two motorcycle clubs, the Mongols and the Iron Order, resulted in at least one confirmed dead and at least 7 injured during the Colorado Motorcycle Expo Saturday, January 30th. The National Council of Clubs is deeply disturbed by such unnecessary acts of violence at any event, particularly one as well supported by the community over the years as the Colorado Motorcycle Expo, the largest indoor motorcycle swap-meet in the country.


Council of Clubs attorney Wade Eldridge was present at the expo and in fact witnessed much of the confrontation. Mr. Eldridge says that he was present when he saw a crowd of Mongols and Iron Order, approximately a total of 20-30 individuals, gather inside the expo. According to Eldridge there was yelling and a verbal argument ensuing.


Mr. Eldridge then heard a gunshot. He saw an Iron Order member holding a handgun in his right hand with his right arm extended. According to Eldridge, he heard people shouting, “Put your gun away”. The Iron Order member then dropped his arm and pointed his weapon at the ground, says Eldridge.  Eldridge then called 911 and reported what he saw.



Eldridge’s account is validated by this photo taken by a Council of Clubs participant that happened to be present when the conflict began. This photo was taken following the first shot fired, the source says. The photo shows a member of the Iron Order moving away from the crowd holding a gun in his right hand.


The gun is pointed forward. Eldridge has confirmed that the man in this photo is the same man he saw with a gun extended in his right hand. Eldridge says this man “is the same guy I saw.” This is also the same man identified by eyewitnesses, as reported by many media sources, as the member of the Iron Order that was questioned by police following the shooting.


In another photo provided by the same Council of Clubs participant, this same man, following the shooting, is pictured with another Iron Order member (who appears to be posing) and two law enforcement officers. He is not in handcuffs and is in fact being allowed to use a cell phone even though he is suspected of firing shots.





Stephen Stubbs, an attorney for the Mongols Motorcycle Club, stated that members of the Iron Order is predominately made up of police officers and taunted members of the Mongols into an argument that escalated into violence that led to the fatal shooting of a Mongols member.


John C. Whitfield, a lawyer and Iron Order member, confirmed to the Denver Post that Iron Order members include L.E.O.’s. Relating to this specific shooting, Whitfield told the Denver AP, “a Colorado Department of Corrections officer fired his gun during a weekend brawl at a Denver motorcycle show that left one dead and seven others injured.”


The Iron Order Motorcycle Club has been involved in a laundry list of confrontations around the country with other motorcycle clubs that have resulted in violence or death. For example, on June 26, 2014 Florida State Attorney Angela Corey refused to charge Iron Order prospect Kristopher Stone after he shot and killed Black Pistons patch holder Zachariah Tipton in Jacksonville Beach. Corey outrageously ruled the killing was justifiable homicide even though the Iron Order member shot the unarmed Black Pistons motorcycle club member in the face while only a few feet apart.


Iron Order members have not been held accountable for any of the violence or killings that they have been involved in. So far, the same holds true for the incident in Colorado. Police have told the Denver AP that “they have made no arrests and a Department of Corrections spokeswoman did not immediately return calls for comment.”


The Iron Order, which is an off-duty law enforcement officer based motorcycle club, is identified by the ATF to be an “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.” (See, The ATF Report on OMG’s and the Military, 2014)


The Council of Clubs has obtained and reviewed intelligence that confirms that the Iron Order repeatedly diminishes the relationship between law enforcement and the community they are intended to serve and protect.


According to a 1% club member that was present and has attended the expo for the past 15 years, “There has never been a confrontation, so much as a fistfight. And many 1% organizations have attended including the Hells Angels, Sons of Silence, Bandidos, Outlaws, Mongols, and many others. There has never been a problem until a law enforcement club showed up. Never. It would be against an unwritten code.”


The Council of Clubs believes that law enforcement clubs involved in confrontations with motorcycle clubs are completely inconsistent with the intended mission of law enforcement and should not be condoned or protected by professional law enforcement and other government officials from culpability.


According to another member of a 1% motorcycle club present at the expo, “local and federal authorities that responded to the incident acted in a professional and respectful manor. Authorities contained the crime scene and did not harass or detain members of other motorcycle clubs that were present. Major 1% clubs evacuated the area to allow law enforcement to do their job. Although the expo was later canceled, initially the owner of the venue and law enforcement authorities invited uninvolved clubs back to the expo.”


The National Council of Clubs has a heightened concern with the general demeanor of some law enforcement member motorcycle clubs. The repeated public displays of violence by members of the Iron Order, combined with the conflict they infuse within society, as compared to the intended mission of law enforcement, should be a concern to all citizens, professional law enforcement and government officials everywhere.


The National Council of Clubs will continue to access information related to this incident and will stand by, ready for further comment.




Contact Information:

All inquiries should be emailed to and addressed to:

David Devereaux- Spokesperson  -OR-

Jerry Theophilopoulos- Legal Counsel



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61 Responses to National Council of Clubs Responds to Denver Motorcycle Expo Shooting

  1. Avatar Koa says:

    Thank you guys for staying on top of this stuff. Good to have press releases from people who understand the biker community.

  2. Avatar IOMC Hater says:

    The IO member with the weapon is Derrick Duran, a/k/a Kong. Reported as both a cop or a correctional officer, depending on who you believe. I believe he’s a POS

  3. Avatar Keith says:

    Good thing it wasn’t WACO, they would have thrown everyone in jail on a million dollar bond

  4. Avatar Joanie says:

    Of course the IO are never held accountable…they are cops and Co’s. Pathetic proof of how twisted and corrupt the system is. Be a cop or be MC, there’s no in between. They want to live in the MC world…but hide their dirt behind the badge.

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  6. Avatar Jeffery Coder says:

    Cops just doing what cops do. Makes no difference to them whether they’re on duty or off duty!

  7. Avatar Ronnie says:

    Hell Iron order in La there doing and acting this way and they don’t care who get in the way or hurt

  8. Avatar Tuff says:

    Being in an actual LEMC ( law enforcement motorcycle club ) I am sickened by the behavior of iron order. My prayers go out to the families involved. And I hope the mc community along with general public see this as solely an act from iron order mc and not combine other lemc clubs in this incident.

  9. Avatar fromthemomma says:

    IO should be banned from motorcycle events, too much bullying and harassment of people trying to have a good time and not bothering anybody.

  10. Avatar al says:

    Yeah, cops start the crap and then kill a biker and they don’t even get punished. Had that bikeR been black it would be a total different story. The treatment that this officer After shooting a bikerIs more proof that the men and blue protect their own and don’t give a damn about the public. I guess if you can’t give evidence against them and convicte them, it’s OK for police to just go out and shoot them.

  11. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Correctional officers in state or county jails are cops

  12. Avatar Joker says:

    This is why the IOMC is not recognized by the COC in my area… On top of that our local dominant hates the IOMC.

  13. Avatar Superstock65 says:

    No one says any thing about the innocent people and kids that saw this shit Club members should be able to go to a family event It’s always one of them dumb asses dining some thing stupid

  14. Avatar Kirk C says:

    I’ve been attending the event for the past 10 years never been a problem w/ any of the 1% clubs I have to believe you’re on to something with this Iron Order club hopefully DPD will do there job…. Not put blinders on

  15. Avatar John Pruett says:

    Damn good article done with respect and honesty

  16. Avatar FIO says:

    The iron order bullshit club does that. They come in, start something and then act like it is everyone elses fault. It clearly says on their website that they DO have police officers and FBI among their members. Itd be wise to investigate this matter. Probably more so than the real one percenters. Real one percenters are smart. These guys are not intelligent.

  17. Avatar Rachael says:

    It really is a problem here in Florida with the Iron Order and apparently every state that has them we as a Public it is our responsibility to see our community is safe given the evidence it seems our biker community is at risk for safety and the general public as well Because of the Iron Order and there actions around the USA they should cease all patches and be taken down with RICO law that the law made for 1% clubs…I am outraged by this and everyone of us should demand Iron Order to step down or be banned from all events due to there reputation..and it does reflect on Law Enforcement clubs that are out in there community trying to make a difference.. We .must take action is going to take all of us to do it but we can prevail…So our brothers have not died in vain…R.I.P Nasty who was shot and killed by Iron Order in Jacksonville a similar situation..and R.I.P to all of the victims that have died at the hands of Law Enforcement..ESPECIALLY BY THE IRON ORDER

  18. Avatar Patrick46 says:

    Excellent article! Very articulate, and well written.

  19. Avatar Cindy says:

    Why would the Iron what ever they call themselves, bring weapons to an event that has never had any trouble with before. To be a mc is a way of life, whether 1 percent or general mc clubs. There is a reason your not welcome in our world. Our world consists of a family bond, a botherhood, sisterhood and a trust we have with one another because we know where we have been and came from. Something a law enforcement officer or dept. of corrections officer will never know. Why wasn’t the shooter arrested?

    • Avatar Hammer says:

      They’re scared little girls. .. that’s why. They bring propaganda where no trouble was before. Job security for them, stir sh*t up and gain from it. A previously established and obvious (no one was getting shot) quiet respect between 1% clubs who have thrown down in the past but set all conflict aside for an event why ? Because people bring their families to it. A healthy respect. I O comes in with their inferiority complex mixed with fear it’s going to get volatile real quick. No place for the likes of them. What part of 1% did they not get???

  20. Avatar Joe Espinoza says:

    Wtf………. there’s so much to say where to start ,first a prayer for our fallen and injured brothers and their families .
    There niceties out of the way those chickenshits hide behind a badge on the job, then when they’re off the job they hide behind the same badge,think their s*** don’t stink. I’m sure some of the members of the mc are just as sickened by there punk ass brothers who think it justified to antagonize other MC clubs into standing up for their self or their brothers , to make themselves tougher then pull a gun shoot, kill and bully other MC clubs in cold blood, then hide behind that badge that’s ment to inspire trust , justice, protection and honor to the other 99% . Giving the mc’s another black eye in the public’s view of the dirty, outlaw, drunken members of other MC. Unaware of the mutts that did this are part of the system that’s allegedly protecting the public from these things that happened here in Denver and Florida.
    These so called riding brothers have no honor, code or backbone .Whatever you believe in justice karma or jennga, hope it comes full circle for these little dicks and anybody that protects them.

    • Avatar Whiskey Rider says:

      You’re absolutely right. They are no better then street gangs or drive by shooters who can’t settle differences by putting on a pair of gloves and stepping into a ring. And I’m not talking about BOXING GLOVES either.

    • Avatar Joanie says:

      Preach!!!! Well said!!!!

  21. Avatar Carl says:

    The Expo.Management need Ban these people for a min. Of 5 years and give a
    Sturn Statements to all the others what will happen if it were to ever get out of hand again..or..just Ban all Patches from coming through the Gate..This Expo. Brings a lot of Family’s ..with children..people come from many miles away to participate in it and spend a lot of money doing it..and get Cheated because of couple off duty Jerk Cops.

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      Why ban all patches for the acts of an individual. No other clubs that were present had any problems. other clubs lost money because of his/their actions. Ban the IO from everything.

      • Colt Colt says:

        I think the intention of the comment was to ban Iron Order. Just probably could have worded it better. All of the other clubs in attendance have peacefully attended for decades because they live by a code. IO does not, as a matter of fact they do everything in their power to diminish it.

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      If they ban all patches, the event will soon close. They know that. They’re gonna have to do something. No fence sitting.

  22. Avatar Christina says:

    Thank you for the update. And please excuse the long post. But there are a couple of things that I need to say first let me start off my morning one me my best friend and my boss who is step outside of her bubble and it never been to the expo decided to come with us now being three females and a bunch of guys that ride. As we walked through the door that morning she looked at me and said how can there be so many clubs and not an issue I looked her straight in the face and said because it’s a safe haven your crap gets shut at the door because there are men women and children that walk through this expo to look at everything that everybody’s got from the Hells Angels to the SOS to the Banditos anyways you get my point. As she told me she was having so much fun we were 3 boths away from the Mongols and yes I know when you’re at the expo you’re supposed to pay attention to all of your surroundings but actually being able to look at everything and with a bunch of girls instead of guys I was having a blast as I stood there and shots ring out and a Mongo member of yelling at me to get down on the ground because he didn’t want to see me hurt I can’t tell you what his name was or where he was from I just remember seeing his Mongol patch and I hope to god that somewhere this finds you because as I sit there in a deer in the headlights look you still had the time to take out of everything going on to yell at me and tell me to get down so I wouldn’t get hurt and from the bottom of my heart thank you because I could have been just some lady to you.

  23. Avatar Whiskey Rider says:

    I’m a Vietnam Vet and Patriot Guard Rider and I would hope that any Vet that joins Law Enforcement and rides has a little more respect then to join an MC that would jeopardize public and families at an event or anywhere for that matter. They should be Black Listed from MC Events or any events as a group or check your guns at the door. Got a beef? Put the gloves on and get in the ring. Can’t handle that? Then keep your mouth shut and enjoy. Seems the IO is proving they can get away with what ever they want, anywhere.

  24. Avatar jim says:

    I’m wondering how the Police, Fire, Military & EMS motorcycle club “Alliance” feels about this. The Urine Odor mc is one of their members, after all.
    And all those pro Urine Odor mc web sites and fb pages, chattering up a storm, twisting this story to suit their bs, to make them appear innocent, and once again, place blame on the big bad 1%..
    There is a bigger thing goin on here people.
    You just have to know where to find it….

    • Avatar GCBengal says:

      As a Blue Knight I don’t support any violence towards any club. The IOMC has had several incidents that make all LEO’s and LEMC’s look bad and as a LEO I would never associate with them or support them. Yes I have a job to do and yes we carry on and off duty because we are LEO’s 24/7 but the Blue Knights do not advocate nor do we really have many issues with other clubs unlike some other so called LEMC’s like the Iron Order.

      • Avatar Lumpy says:

        I’m A Member of the Iron Warriors MC. and we are Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters. and in NO WAY Associated or have anything to do with the iron for myself I Respect all riders of all clubs. The iron order is a piece of S%$T Club .they tryed to form a club in our area and tryed to start crap with us. and we got rid of them. My Prayer’s go out to the Family’s

    • Avatar 1%er. Midwest says:

      Well said

  25. Avatar Dillinger says:

    Pure arrogance ,iron order want to be ,but can’t,they don’t have any respect for others ,why are they wearing a set of colours in first place ,especially a three piece patch ,imposters ,I sincerely hope they get dealt the hand …

  26. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Iron Order are a Double Disgrace. One to Law Enforcement. And two to MCs.

  27. Avatar Picasso says:

    IO started a fight with the Outlaws here in Nashville 2 years ago at the Easyrider show ! Don’t think anyone was arrested there either !

  28. Avatar Mike says:

    I am neither a member of an outlaw club nor am I a member or in any way affiliated with the IO. I am, however, an educated individual who does his own research rather than accepting something as truth simply because it is on the Internet.
    For starters, the IO is not considered an outlaw club by the ATF. Read the report yourself and I challenge anyone, including the author or this article, to show me the page and paragraph where the IO is identified as an outlaw club.

    • Colt Colt says:


      On page 28 of 40 you will find the following passage in the last paragraph on the page just under the “patch” of the Iron Order:

      “Even though nobody was killed, both OMGs suffered major injuries. ” Prior to this sentence the document refers to an altercation between one club and the “Iron Order”, no other club was mentioned in context. Making it obvious that the term “both” applies to the “Iron Order” and the only other club mentioned.

      to repeat “BOTH OMG’s”. In this document “OMG” means “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang”, just to clarify.

      My education may be more limited than yours, but considering I read the entire thing, making sure not to overlook any detail, sentence, or group of letters that form words, it is obvious to me that they referred to the “Iron Order” as an “OMG”.


  29. Avatar IronOnOrderHater says:

    I don’t get why cops would want to live in this world? Unless it’s to bust someone or a club or harass people enjoying themselves!
    Are they really this desperate that they want to play dress up and be somebody they’re not?
    Go be a cop, leave the clubs alone!

  30. Avatar Tammy says:

    We, as a people, have allowed our government and law enforcement to do whatever they want with no repercussions. It’s time we all stand up and say ” NO MORE “!!! When are law enforcement going to be held responsible for their misdeeds? It is tragic that you can’t even go to an event that,we in the biker community look forward to all year, and feel safe. Not because of the 1%’s but because of the cops!!! As soon as the shots were heard then all of the sudden miraculously their badges came out! What cowards! I hope they are prosecuted and if not I hope they will forever be looking over their shoulders. Remember… There is a mother who will forever be without her son! My prayers go out to the family! I am truly sorry for your loss!

  31. Avatar whitetrash says:

    Fuck iron order bunch of rat snitch undercover dirtbags and cops and all law enforcement thats what that shit bag little girls club is made up of they are not a real club and never have been they are just a bunch of fuckin punks with badges that wanna live are life styal in which they can not and never will they dont know what loyalty and respect is they watched sons of anarchy and gangland one to many times they are here in new york but they no there place iv never seen them act tuff just sit by them selfs scoping everything out and also again they no there place and would get slaped real fast and again if they had a clue about being in a club they would have never pulled a gun at a public even were god for bid a woman or child got hurt or and civilian thats a nono even with your own and thats just common knowledge you don’t even need to be in a club to know that but I am in a COC Club here in New York and we are a one percenter club and we support 100% every club that is within the COC and expecially the club that let us start are club so we are 81 red&white supporters and they treated us with respect to for doing it the right way and not just throwin patches on and throwing newyork on like others I have seen and they dont last but from the very beginning we have been treated with alot of respect and for over 10 years and from day one we done right by every one we follow and live by-r-laws and for the people out there no that is no easy feat cause most clubs dry up in weeks or months cause everyone thinks there living sons of anarchy but there is several clubs in New York that are not recognized and known for being informants rats and a plain piece of s*** and nobody deals with them an iron order has a very bad rep. But that’s all I have to say and I wanted to say that iron order is not an MC there not nothing there are a bunch of punks that watch Sons of Anarchy one too many times so fuck you and you fuckers will meet the real men of the guy you shot and killed he has brothers that would of ate that bullet for him to live another day so no you are playing a game you can not win and are already on the extinction list. You can not go around killing full patched members of any real mc and if you think that thats it the end of it you couldn’t be more wrong killed there brother and that is a another huge NOOOO NOOOO AGAIN YOU CAN NOT KILL A FULL PATCHED MEMBER OF A 1% MC BUT IM DONE RAMBLING ABOUT IO WANNABEE RAT CLUB

  32. Avatar Shawn says:

    Very well said all. But how do we stop these pos, they are the ones giving all legitimate clubs bad names. Io needs to be stopped.

  33. Avatar bruce says:

    If they have no real support from law enforcement then they are regular people. Their behaviour may become too much for legit law enforcement to sanction and they might lose certain protections. Maybe a discussion with legit enforcement is needed.

  34. Avatar Troy says:

    Well Double D you got a bees nest stored up on this one I believe I have seen a post from every walk of life on here. I am glad to see that people have not discarded what happened in Waco, Tax a short ways down the road from me.
    My biggest concerns are 1: the LEOs ask us to do what they are Incapable of doing and not allow a few acts by lone cowards develop the image we have for the badge. So if that was truly the case then why haven’t you hard working boys in blue banned together and arrested these lone actors and charged them with their crimes, genes bringing justice to the wrong doers? Oh its that code of silence thing isn’t it? Well break the code or you are all brothers of the same cut, no excesses taken and no lies will be believed. 2:Ever time something like this happens are we supposed to just act like it never happened? They have been attacking us, not us attacking them. So it seems to me that the government is behind these acts of war being carried out by the cops, and that the cops are smacking us in the face daring us to defend our selves. As terrible as it sounds I believe that not much more silence can be held. So what about our Supreme court system, where are they at due ring all of this what can we do to force honest justice be served, and when do we get our rights back? I don’t know but I see a revolution approaching fast, and when it dies make no mistake that regardless of what may be said to your face, the LEOs a cross this entire nation are our enemies.

  35. Avatar PRIMO says:

    Io should be named as a outlaw club since they want to act like outlaws and comit crimes. Then fire all of the cops and see how they do with no badge to hide behind.

  36. Avatar Indian Jim says:

    The only weapon that Derrick Duran should be allowed to carry is a cap gun; what a lunatic. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent for discharging his firearm in such a crowded facility of innocent people. Shooting and killing someone because they slap you around isn’t self defense, it’s murder! These “iron order” guys are the worst kind of biker. They play out their fantasy of “Sons of Anarchy” on the weekends and play the “good guys” during their regular 9 to 5 jobs. They are probably just as corrupt then too. I’m pretty sure that justice will be served in the court or out; Victor Mendoza’s family deserves that.

    • Avatar daniel . barela says:

      Hi my name’s Danny I just wanted to say thank u for ur post that biker that was shot was my big brother (blood brother) I hope to god justice does get served this punk ass pussy Derrick duran needs to man up for what he did drunk mother fucker but anyway much respect for most of u clubs thank again(R.I.P. VICTOR ULL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART BRO I LOVE U )

      • Avatar Anonymous says:

        prayers go out to you & the family!! I went to school with your brother & he was a dear friend! Again please accept my condolences

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