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Published on November 11th, 2016 | by David "Double D" Devereaux


NY Police Detain 169 Motorcyclists on Long Island

The battle over motorcycle-only checkpoints is not over. Although Congress banned federal funding for motorcycle-only checkpoints in the 2015 Fast Act, these discriminatory stops continue in some states without federal assistance. On November 6, 2016 Suffolk County Police Highway Patrol Bureau officers, New York State Police troopers and MTA Police officers conducted motorcycle safety checkpoints on eastbound Sunrise Highway at exit 55 and eastbound Long Island Expressway. 169 motorcycles were stopped and 54 citations were issued. Checkpoints are a form of motorcycle profiling that impact all motorcyclists. Those cited were independents, not club members.


Cloaked under the justification of safety, motorcycle-only checkpoints unfairly target motorcyclists and motorcycles as a form of transportation. According to the AMA, “Motorcycleonly checkpoints are discriminatory, forcing riders and their passengers to do something not asked of other citizens, simply because we choose to travel on two wheels, or three, instead of four. The AMA believes the money used for these operations could be better spent supporting programs that conduct rider education, reduce distracted driving and encourage motorist awareness of motorcycles.”


What’s the solution? Motorcyclists in New York State should unify and push for a state prohibition against motorcycle profiling which would include discriminatory motorcycle-only checkpoints.








Suffolk Police News Release




For Immediate Release
November 6, 2016



Incident:          Fifty-Four Summonses Issued at Motorcycle Safety Checkpoints

Location:         Eastbound Sunrise Highway and Eastbound Long Island Expressway

Date/Time:     Sunday, November 6, 2016 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Suffolk County Police Highway Patrol Bureau officers, New York State Police troopers and MTA Police officers conducted motorcycle safety checkpoints today on eastbound Sunrise Highway at exit 55 and eastbound Long Island Expressway between exits 65 and 66.


Officers stopped 169 motorcycles between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. as they passed through the checkpoints and a total of 54 summonses were issued for the following violations:



14         Unlicensed Operator

2           Suspended License

10         Un-inspected Motorcycle

3           Unregistered Motorcycle

2           Uninsured Motorcycle

10         Helmet Not Approved by New York State Department of Transportation

6           Modified/Loud Exhaust System

1           Other Equipment Violations

6           Failure to Comply with Lawful Order


A criminal charge is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.



Authority:        Timothy D. Sini, Police Commissioner

16-351243      Suffolk County Police Department  VC/1835


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50 Responses to NY Police Detain 169 Motorcyclists on Long Island

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  2. free2ride14u says:

    Well guys and gals now that the elections have taken place and we have a new President and VP you can count on changes. Can you imagine how heads will /would roll when Mike Pence, our new Vice President of the United States who is a leather wearing motorcycle riding American get rolled up in one of those unlawful, illegal, profiling stops ? Can you imagine the conversation, Cop: license and registration. Pence: Im Mike Pence the VP of the US, Cop: Not going to ask you again, Pense: Ok ! Cop: Oh shit !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bunch of assholes

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is completely RIDICULOUS That they are ALLOWED to treat Bikers with Prejudice !!!

  5. Barbara Ann Langlois says:

    This needs to be reported to our VPelect= Pence. I support our police force but this discrimination is ridiculous.

  6. Headline: “NY Police Detain 169 Motorcyclists on Long Island”.
    Think about that. Tax paying citizens, going about completely legal daily activities, are stopped and DETAINED for 20 to 30 minutes ( I know, because I was there.) for no reason other than the mode of transportation they chose. And we were HELD AGAINST OUR WILL!
    “Your papers please . . . Papers please!” Sound familiar? That’s what happened during that discriminatory traffic stop.
    How would you like it if you or one of your family members were detained simply because some politician didn’t like YOUR mode of transportation?

  7. Anonymous says:

    What would happen if they pulled over funerals going to Calverton.
    Funerals only

  8. Sidecar Bones says:

    Just keep rolling……

  9. Taxpayer44 says:

    This needs to be remembered when the County Executive is up for re-election.
    Nothing but a waste of tax dollars. Fuel in all those running police vehicles, the helicopter which was babysitter the expressway for bikes etc…. nothing but a waste

  10. Anthony Timmons says:


  11. Anthony Timmons says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    This was the day of the Long Island Abate Toy Run….. an annual event that takes place every year in the first Sunday of November…..

    Coincidence? I think not….

  13. Anonymous says:

    This was the day of the Long Island ABATE toy run, an annual event that takes place the first Sunday of November…….

    Coincidence? I think not……

  14. Jay Friedman says:

    You can’t blame our boys n girls in blue, shit most probably ride themselves. I
    The order comes from the asshole elected officials we put in office of our communities. But if your legal no worries, they do it to trucks all over the city from vans to large 18 wheelers. Is it a big waste of our time? Shit yeah!!! I’m legal so no worries on my part, well except for my exhaust which I’m a believer in LOUD PIPES SAVES LIVES so if I get ticketed for that I consider it a Ryder to my insurance policy

    • Zack says:

      Trucks are usually commercial vehicles, making use of public right of ways to make money. Because of this, they are bound by different rules. Motorcycles are almost all private vehicles. Can you imagine if this happened to anyone driving, say, a Mercedes?

    • Rick Rolston says:

      I’m with 100%. Agree that some pipes are obnoxious (like Drag pipes) LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES is a fact. When I get a new bike with stock mufflers, the first thing I do is buy a set of Vance and Hines so those assholes that don’t see bikes at least can hear them.

  15. Rickydickydo says:

    It does sucks. As a otr truck driver, inspection are a must. There are a large number of drivers who just get in and go. For us it is a necessary evil.

  16. Anonymous says:

    We were doing a charity toy run that day! Thank God we were legal

  17. Tom Anderson says:

    why are mta cops doing traffic stops

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I am against discrimination of ANY kind, however, after reading the list of offenses, I can understand WHY. If they are unsafe, unlicensed, uninsured, or suspended, then YES they need to be ticketed. But if every single biker is being stopped just BECAUSE they are a biker, then NY needs to get their heads out of their asses!!!!!

  19. Poet says:

    Papers please????????????

    Sounds like a Nazi order from the last century

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’d be in cuffs. There is no way I’m stopping at a motorcycle only checkpoint. I’ll ride right past and you can try to chase me down.

  21. Dennis Carver says:

    What ever happened to “Probable Cause” required for a traffic Stop????

  22. Millie says:

    I ride, But I am legally licensed and registered and insured and wear an approved helmet,
    And, I’m pretty sure they do the same thing to truckers,
    As a matter of fact I’m positive,they have designated areas on the roads for truckers to stop and be checked to make sure they are legal including weight and log books,
    And occasionally they pull ove just cagers to check seat belts and make sure inspections and registrations are all up to date,
    They are just doing their jobs. So what if once in a while you’re pulled ove and checked, get over it,
    I don’t see this as profiling,

    • Lacy Weeks says:

      When it’s only motorcycles it IS profiling… at checkpoints it’s not only cars.. it’s cars AND motorcycles… get your head out your ass and YOU get over that…! Smmfh

    • Zack says:

      Trucks are usually commercial vehicles, making use of public right of ways to make money. Because of this, they are bound by different rules. Motorcycles are almost all private vehicles. Can you imagine if this happened just to people driving the kind of car you drive? And you were on your way to an important meeting? And they held you there for 30 minutes?

  23. Philip Kirkpatrick says:

    When these things happen there needs to be a call go out and a massive show of non compliance. Meet up ahead of this stop and send Bikes out one at a time and do not stop. Flood them with vehicles not complying and let them know in an organized and peaceful manner that this is not going to be accepted or obeyed.

  24. Jerry says:

    That is such a crock off Sh–. Just another way off socialistic control. New York motorcyclist need to come together and protest this communism.

  25. Davy Wolter says:

    Well,, Though Illegal STOP Will Persist Until a HIGHER POWER Prevails,,Thats Easy Money 4 the Operation & IT’S Going 2 Take a LOT 2 STOP IT,,Through OUT The Country.

  26. D-day says:

    Maybe someone should get the names of everyone detained and do a class action lawsuit against the law enforcement agencies involved. Maybe that would stop this shit.

  27. Anonymous says:

    So truck only inspections is okay?

  28. Ed says:

    It’s no different than profiling a human being for walking down the street if everybody’s not stopped on the roadway then no one should be stopped on the roadway every way they can break the law they do profiling. Should be against the law

  29. WHY? Don’t they Bust people who are texting while driving a car? Over 6,000 people are killed each year nation wide for or from some one texting while driving a car…Over 28,000 are maimed from texting or some one else texting while driving a car….BUTT that would make to much since.

  30. Anonymous says:

    What are the MTA police doing there ? , no work for them to do at the MTA agencies . Most cops are assholes .

  31. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see a single safety violation in the list. If this is a “Safety” check they should be limited to strictly issues with safety, such as brakes, lights etc. Otherwise Fu(k them

  32. Anonymous says:

    I seen they had violations for Not DOT, NY helmet,. What is a my for helmet, as far as I know there is no actual dot helmet, just, recommended,

  33. James Helriegel Sr. says:

    The only good thing I saw out of the article was that there were no driving under the influence citations issued. I don’t agree with the stop. I wonder how many of the bikers were AMA members because AMA works at fighting for the biers rites.

  34. Troy says:

    Yeah just remember folks, “all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty”. Let’s analyze that declaration made very often by police and courts. First is the victim is always called the “Defendant”. So how is it that you must defend yourself against anything? Shouldn’t all evidence need to be presented before a determination that an officer could issue a accusation of wrong doing? Second is even in the case an officer could bring up accusations against someone, doesn’t that mean that the person is only “accused” of wrong doing and not a Cully guilty of any crime until a jury decides the person is guilty? So why are so many bondsmsn making so much money?“ it looks to me that unless you can prove your innacense.then you are otherwise guilty.

  35. Ron peregrim says:

    It’s Long Island. There’s your problem right there.

  36. Ron Gilbert says:

    If you know anything about the Constitution, you know that we have the right to travel freely and unencumbered using any conveyance of our choosing. DUI checkpoints and these checkpoints have been deemed to be unconstitutional by the courts. I would file counter charges for unlawful detention.

  37. Kevin says:

    This is why I’ll never go to New York. They think the constitution is merely a suggestion, as witnessed by their gun laws (safe act – as of most recently).

    They can choke to death on a giant bag of Anthony Weiners..

  38. VinMan says:

    It angers me to the point of rage! I would like to see more replies on what to do and say in the event it happened to me. I think a streaming video to to the cloud and refusing to show ID until a legitimate reason for “Saftey Check” is declared. Let’s have a protest and get Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone to answer and voted out of office if necessary.

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